Netflix Launch, Blonde Is A Disappointment

Have you seen Blonde, a Netflix movie that portrays the life of Marilyn Monroe? One of the most anticipated releases of the year, the feature from Australian director Andrew Dominik has been making waves among audiences and critics since its release at the Venice Film Festival in early September. First, because it’s a waste of the immense potential that Hollywood’s first big star has and still one of the biggest icons of pop culture even after 60 years of her death.

Then because the plot adapted from the book by Joyce Carol Oates, which seeks to humanize “the sex symbol” and bring the reader closer to the real woman, appeals to questionable dramatic resources, such as the supposedly aborted fetus that talks to its mother. The result is a work without a soul, which in no way seduces the viewer, as the star that inspired it organically did.

Author of the screenplay, the director (of the great Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford/2007) appeals to too much poetic license in order to support his speech: that Marilyn lived through colossal torture to impersonate the role of the dumb blonde who industry created for her. The problem is that the text only reinforces this, whereas the real-life Marilyn was smart and quite talented, despite the fact that she ceded as much as she could to the Hollywood gangsters.

In other words, Blonde imprisons the actress in the myth of the eternally sexy woman, objectified in gratuitous nude scenes and sexist fantasies. And, to reach the end of the almost three exhibitions, the audience is really tortured as they witness the kaleidoscopic suffering of Marilyn Monroe.

She didn’t really have an easy life. She didn’t know who her father was, her mother suffered from schizophrenia and spent much of her life in mental health institutions. And because of that, the girl Norma Jean spent a lot of her childhood and adolescence in orphanages. But the 36-year trajectory of the actress was certainly not limited to that.

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Very talented Ana de Armas
When crossing the barrier of Andrew Dominik’s primary appeal, on one thing, at least, everyone agrees: Cuban actress Ana de Armas is phenomenal in the skin of the platinum diva. It’s so perfect that it redeems the brave ones who follow without pressing the pause button on the remote control. The acting, which should earn him Oscar and Golden Globe nominations, is impeccable.

The mannerisms, looks, smiles, voice and spirit of the pop culture diva are recreated by an Ana de Armas who allows herself to be present on stage as well. Note that this is not a mediumistic interpretation, as Jamie Foxx did in Ray or Eddie Redmaine in The Theory of Everything. The actress really shares her essence with the character and the result is very true.

“Regardless of how the film is received, Marilyn changed my life,” confessed Ana de Armas in Venice. “I felt filled with sadness knowing everything that happened to her, also as a woman, and I didn’t fight those feelings, I didn’t want to protect myself from it,” explained the actress, who has been suffering from xenophobia since then, alleging that her accent Latin spoils the interpretation.

Ana de Armas, 34, was born in Havana, Cuba to Spanish parents. She started doing theater as a teenager while still on the island of Fidel Castro. At the age of 18, she went to Madrid to study performing arts and then, in 2014, she went to the United States, where she already had relevant roles in Blade Runner 2049, Between Knives and Secrets and 007 – No Time to Die. Although it’s a disappointment that Blonde is responsible for the well-deserved change of status in her lead actress’ career.

Cuban actress Ana de Armas has a watershed in her career in Blonde (disclosure)

Five facts about Blonde:

1- Norma Jean’s mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and, as a result, spent much of her life in mental health institutions. There is no doubt that the girl, who was raised in orphanages, had a very difficult childhood. But, there is no evidence that Marilyn suffered a drowning attempt by her own mother.

two- It was said that Marilyn believed her father to be Clark Gable, star of Gone With The Wind. But that was just a fantasy of hers. In the film, her mother states that the actress’ father was a movie star but does not reveal her name. Recently, a forensic investigation with DNA testing revealed that the actress’ father would be Charles Stanley Gifford, who was not an actor but worked with Marilyn’s mother in a Hollywood studio.

3- One of the most controversial statements in Blonde is in relation to the abortions that Marilyn would have had to continue her trajectory in Hollywood. What is known is that the actress suffered from severe endometriosis and suffered a miscarriage. She even declared this with a lot of frustration, as she always showed a strong desire to be a mother.

4- The casting of a Cuban actress to play Marilyn Monroe unleashed a wave of xenophobia on Ana de Armas, mainly because of the allegation that her accent got in the way of her performance.

5- Marilyn Monroe’s alleged affair with President JFK is one of the most talked about topics in the actress’ life. But despite the highly sexy performance of Happy Birthday to You on the American politician’s birthday, it’s never been clear if the romance actually took place, let alone if he raped her or had her killed. Testimonies state that they would have had only one night in 1962, the year of her death.

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