Prejudice and misinformation. As president of Cufa sees speech by Renata Fan – 10/22/2022

For Preto Zezé, president of CUFA (Central Única das Favelas) in Brazil, Renata Fan’s speech associating Corinthians fans with maloqueiros mixed prejudice, discrimination and racism. Furthermore, he believes the episode revealed that the presenter is misinformed. This is because he made an association between Corinthians, maloqueiro and lack of study. In Zezé’s opinion, the journalist demonstrated that she was ignorant of the number of university students who live in favelas.

Last Thursday (20) on Band’s “Jogo Aberto” program, Renata said that journalist Chico Garcia, her colleague in the attraction and Alvinegro supporter, does not match the Corinthians fans. This, according to the presenter, because he is not a maloqueiro and is a studied guy.

After being criticized on social media, the journalist and Inter fan apologized in this Friday’s edition of the program. She said she never meant to talk about “social class, differentiation” and apologized if anyone was offended. The presenter also stated that she does not accept that people call her prejudiced.

Check out below the main comments made by Preto Zezé about the episode during an interview with the column.


“It’s the typical profile of the type of discrimination that occurs in Brazil, which is the one that occurs naturalized in the form of a joke. Not to mention that, if you look at the qualifications she [Renata] put, it’s another profile, even. Half of the university students even come from public schools, they come from the favela. As Corinthians is characterized as a team from the favela, as is Flamengo, there is racism, prejudice, discrimination against the people there. It is very clear in her speech. In truth, [ela estava] associating the favela, which is the characteristic of Corinthians, to non-education, to illiteracy, to second-class people. That’s typical of Brazil. And then he says it was a joke. Joking because the person is not the joke.”

Racism, Prejudice or Discrimination?

“There’s racism, prejudice and discrimination, right? Racism is the idea of ​​a supremacy of one ethnic group over another. From this idea of ​​a group, a superior race, prejudice is built over other groups. So, that Indians are lazy, that blacks are illiterate, and then you build various prejudices, they are anticipated concepts. These concepts help to maintain hierarchy in society, which is the function of racism that structures our relationships. discrimination is the way they are selected. So, I will choose the supporters of São Paulo and Palmeiras, they are more educated people, they are more cultured people, so they are white people. Discrimination is a process of excluding selectivity. Prejudice is the anticipated concept. And racism is the idea of ​​a superior race. [Renata] apply them all at the same time”.

wrong idea

“[A associação entre favela e falta de estudo] does not match. Today, half of the students in Brazilian universities are from public schools. Today the favelas have R$ 187 billion of consumption power per year. She is totally out. Brazilian slums cluster… The IBGE today calls them subnormal clusters. Almost 18 million people live in these places. In other words, it would be the fifth state in Brazil. It would be more favelado than gaucho. The consumption power of favelas corresponds to the GDP of Paraguay and Bolivia together and Uruguay alone. So, we are not talking about a place only of need and illiteracy. Not that it doesn’t have problems, but that’s not the only profile”,


“Is it over there [Renata] already ran to apologize, that’s cool. It’s cool, not apologizing, it’s cool to recognize where the discriminatory speech is, where the prejudiced speech is. Even to commit other professionals in the sports press not to reproduce. Especially because, in the case of football, the athletes all come from these places.

[Desculpas] those who were offended no, she offended. It’s always like that, when he’s caught red-handed, these lawsuits in Brazil, he apologizes. Then I have a concept, which I apply a lot, which is pedagogical constraint, which is to make these people feel a little like we feel when this happens. From there they understand. They come to apologize, I say I don’t accept an apology because there was no mistake, it was racist or prejudiced behavior. It is necessary to police yourself and change values ​​in order to change behavior. Because, otherwise, it’s just that punitivism, which keeps saying that she’s blonde, racist. I want to change my thinking, I don’t want to be cursing others. When you have a problem like that, I want to say ‘you were wrong, this is the mistake and this is where you get it right'”.


“We are educated like that. The Brazilian logic is built like this. You have 522 years in the country and you have 388 years of slavery. And the main legacy is the Brazilian mentality to look at these places, at these people, at this profile of people.” , for this social class as second-class people. That’s why I say that in Brazil this p… It’s very sophisticated. This perpetuates unemployment, violence, unequal treatment in health, job opportunities, quality of education. people’s lives because the guy has an umbrella, the guy thinks it’s a machine gun. The guy has a drill, the guy thinks it’s a revolver. The police stop you, don’t say good morning and ask whose car. In fact, she [Renata] it is only reproducing the relations of society. She can have two roles. Continuing to legitimize this, and as a communicator, this is very serious. Or she, as a communicator, starts to emit another message.”

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