Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively reveal it was the perfect time to have a fourth child, according to the website

More babies on the way! Married since 2012, the couple formed by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently shocked the internet by announcing the fourth pregnancy of the actress. both sThey are the parents of six-year-old James, four-year-old Inez, and two-year-old Betty.

A source close to the couple told the website HollywoodLife last Monday, the 19th, that the actor from Deadpool, after having been frightened by something that could have been fatal to his health, he wanted to spend more time with his family. Reynolds revealed on social media that she discovered a polyp while having a routine colonoscopy exam, and the tissue growth was potentially fatall, which can turn into cancer.

The source describes that the shock awakened her familiar side.

– It was a big wake-up call for him. After the colonoscopy, Ryan and Blake realized how much they wanted to live a calmer life and enjoy everything they’d already built. That’s when they decided that now would be the perfect time to have another child – they’re putting their health, their marriage and their family first in their lives. Everything else is left behind.

In addition, he confided that the actress of gossip Girl it is feeling pretty good about this pregnancy and that an important point for your emotional and physical is having a perfect husband who loves her very much and just wants her to be comfortable at all times.

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