The indigenous leader who defied Christopher Columbus and was sentenced to a tragic death

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Taina leader Anacaona welcoming the Spaniards.  Chromolithography.  'La Civilization', volume III, 1882

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The Anacaona leader welcoming the Spaniards (Chromolithography – ‘La Civilización’, volume III, 1882)

Her name meant “golden flower”—and Anacaona was indeed a beautiful and powerful princess of the Taíno people.

And she was also a cultured and talented woman, who believed in peace, in coexistence and paid with her life for it. Perhaps for this reason she is one of the few indigenous people whose name is mentioned in the early years of the conquest of America, in the late 15th century.

In your History of the Indies (1527-1547)Friar Bartolomeu de las Casas described her as “an admirable woman, very prudent, very graceful and palatial in her words, arts and gestures, very friendly to Christians”.

And the French Jesuit priest Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix wrote in his book Histoire de l’Isle Espagnole or de S. Domingue (“History of the island of La Hispaniola or Santo Domingo”, in free translation) that she was a “very intelligent woman, superior to her sex and her nation”.

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