Tonight on TV October 22, 2022, Al Rai, Mediaset, Sky برامج

In Rayono, Talento Danças com as Estrelas, with Millie Carlucci and Paolo Belli. At Canale 5, the talent Tù Sì stands out with Maria De Filippi.

Tonight on TV, Saturday, October 22, 2022. Up RightAnd the Sabines, a planetled by the program Mario Tozi. in me La7current affairs with Up in the airled by the program Gregorio’s Concetta And the David Borek.

Tonight on TV Saturday, October 22, 2022 Al Rai

in me rayon20:35, talent dancing with the stars. on display Millie Carlucci Test VIPs can always count on the expertise of their partners and teachers. Among these there are will see quinonenShe came back from the motherhood she competes with Giampiero Mugi And the Angelo Madoniawho was on the show in 2006, and who danced with her this year Emma Stokholma.

in me RightAnd at 9:45 pm, Sabines, a planet. Mario Tozi Tonight he tells the story of Selinunte, the Greek colony of Sicily that lit up for two centuries before suddenly disappearing. fat Try to understand what are the reasons for the disappearance of the glorious civilizations of the past, and if this could ever happen to us.

in me Rai 5at 9:15 pm Prose: M Ibn Al-Qarn. on stage show Maximum populationadaptation of the novelM.” From Antonio Scoratiwhich narrates the rise of force Benito Mussolini. beside populationon a paper BenitoThe game‘, a rich collection where stands out Tommaso Ragno.

Mediaset software, La7

in me channel 521:20, talent Yes Q JM. The search for talent continues in the program you present Belen Rodriguez with Martin CastrogiovanniAnd the Alessio Sakara And the Julia is stable. to the jury Maria de FilippiAnd the Rudy Al ZorbiAnd the Teo Mamukari And the Jerry Scotty The task of choosing the best. Among the artists of the final are the Portuguese acrobatic duo Boys.

in me La7on the other hand, at 20:35, the news with Up in the air. Gregorio’s Concetta And the David Borek It is aimed at viewers who want to be informed about subjects that hold the public’s attention even on Saturday nights. In programming, the high cost of living are threats put it in.

Tv8, novi, in real time

in me 8. Television9pm, reality show Alessandro Borghese – 4 restaurants. Alessandro Borghese He went to Pantelleria to be awarded the title of best restaurant on the island. Residents disagree tamariaAnd the there seashellAnd the Firiciakki Shrine And the trattoria ronsen. The special is the Pantesko couscous.

in me nineInstead, at 9:25 pm, says november. With the second part of the episode titled “looking for the past spiritual father‘Documentary investigations by in Trocchia. We keep talking about it Matteo Messina moneythe fugitive president since June 1993.

in me At the moment9:20 pm, reality show 50 ways to end. A double date with the new show that tells stories of betrayal, but also of redemption. We hear stories of women who, after being betrayed, take revenge in creative and unusual ways.

Movies Tonight on Saturday, October 22, 2022

in me movie rayat 9:10 pm, showing the 2017 dramatic film, written by Cláudio AmendolaAnd the Permission – 48 hours Outsidewith Luca Argentero. Four prisoners receive a 48-hour release permit. Among them are Donato, an innocent convict, and Rosanna, who was arrested for drug trafficking.

in me Network 4Instead, at 9:25 p.m., the 2017 war movie by Christopher NolanAnd the Dunkirkwith Fionn Whitehead. May 1940. After the Nazis invade France, hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers are stranded on the beaches of Dunkirk. To save them, an important maneuver begins by sea, told by several characters, including soldier Tommy (Fionn Whitehead).

in me Italy 121.20, the 2018 animated film written by Carrie KirkpatrickAnd the Jason ResigAnd the Small Foot – My Snowy Friend. Migo, a young Yeti, wants to prove to his peers that there is something he thinks exists: a human. His idea sends the Yeti community into an uproar over what might be outside their village. To prove him right, Migo decides to leave.

Tonight on TV on Saturday, October 22, 2022, Sky Movies Show

in me Sky Cinema dueat 9:15 pm, showing a 2007 drama film written by Ben AffleckAnd the Baby Gold Goldwith Casey AffleckAnd the Michelle Monaghan. Boston (USA). A four-year-old girl is kidnapped. He hires the young woman’s uncles, Patrick Kenzie, and his girlfriend, private investigators, to help the police find her.

in me Sky Cinema ActionFinally, at 9pm, the action movie of 2021, by First NichollerAnd the I’m nobodywith Bob OdenkirkAnd the Alexey Serebryakov. A violent episode unleashes a long-suppressed rage in Hutch Mansell, a neglected husband and underappreciated father: he will discover deadly abilities by revealing dark secrets.

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