Video shows how the Microsoft 365 app will work and replace Office

After announcing a redesign of the Office brand to become Microsoft 365the company of Bill Gates this week released a video on YouTube to better demonstrate how the dynamics of the new application will work.

In the video posted by the company Redmond it is possible to take a first look at the new graphics, renewed icons and some of the new features. The new 365 has become a veritable hub for many Microsoft services.

The new application accommodates in one place all the tools that the user needs to work individually or in a team. You can find all Microsoft apps, third-party apps and even those developed by the company itself.

You can also easily view files shared with each individual contact in Microsoft 365, get quick access to recent files, and find all personalized recommendations through Microsoft Graph.

Users will also be able to create new content from suggested templates, as well as organize their work and consult the feed to receive updates from people who are followed on the platform.

As the video is less than a minute, it is clearly not possible to present all the changes. Meanwhile, Google and Apple have already updated the name of the Office app in their stores for operating systems to “Office (Microsoft 365)”.

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