who should leave Vasco and other possible exits, according to website

Vasco today faces Criciúma, looking to get closer to the dreamed access to Serie A in 2023. But already thinking about the next season, the club is also moving behind the scenes for a possible reformulation of its squad. And according to the website ‘Lance!’, some departures already planned should be consecrated at the end of Serie B.

Who should leave Vasco?

There are three most certain cases: Fábio Gomes, Luiz Henrique and Quintero. Both are at Vasco on loan, and will end their relationship at the end of the season. Only Quintero’s case is more specific, as the defender will also no longer have a contract with Fortaleza in 2023, which would facilitate a new deal with Gigante da Colina. However, as he occupies a foreign position, Quintero should not stay at the club.

Other possible outputs

With the same end-of-loan situation, there are three other players: Danilo Boza, Bruno Tubarão and Raniel. Unlike the cases above, the three have had more chances, and will still be reevaluated at the end of Series B. In addition to them, nine more athletes who belong to Vasco, will end their ties at the end of 2022: Thiago Rodrigues, Léo Matos, Anderson Conceição, Edimar, Yuri Lara, Nenê, Halls, Sarrafiore and Alex Teixeira.

Vasco in Serie B

Before making any departure official, Vasco still needs to guarantee its access to the first division, and for that, it has three more challenges. Starting with Criciúma today, in São Januário, with departure scheduled for 4:30 pm.

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