You need to meet this new character from ‘Deadpool 3’!

No doubt, Howard, the Duck, is one of Marvel’s strangest figures. The “Guardians of the Galaxy” character was created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik. He is an adventure-loving humanoid duck, has a bad temper, and is trapped in a human-controlled world.

His first appearance took place in 1973, in the production “Aventura do Medo”. In addition to “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the character was also in the cast of “Howard the Superhero” and “Avengers: Endgame”.

Information confirms that Howard will be in the cast of “Deadpool 3”, a film that is scheduled to premiere in 2024. However, it is still unclear whether he will have an active role or if he will only make a brief participation in some scene that serves joke to the public.

Looking at Howard’s personality and comparing him to the context of the “Deadpool” franchise, there’s no doubt that it makes a lot of sense to have him in the cast. Depending on his role in “Deadpool 3”, the character has chances to become an active part of this narrative of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

His own 1986 solo action movie is considered one of the worst comic book adaptations of all time. Despite this, fans of “Deadpool” can rest assured that the odds of his film’s bizarreness being achieved again are slim. In addition, Howard has teamed up with characters such as the Avengers, She-Hulk, and the X-Men.

Howard is the ideal figure to join Wade Wilson in “Deadpool 3” as, in addition to being a funny character, he has a level of consciousness that is that of a fictional character. In addition, with Howard the Duck’s invitation to “Deadpool 3” it is understood that the actor and producer of the film intends to present a diverse group to the characters, so much so that Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is also cast.

In addition, James Marsden and Halle Berry are still negotiating to return as Cyclops and Storm, and with that, the deal with Howard in the cast of the film seems even more “easy” to negotiate. Now, the public is waiting to see if Howard the Duck or Ryan Reynolds can attack the fourth wall harder.

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