Anna Paquin has been involved in a bizarre controversy; Know more!

Luck and talent are paths that sometimes cross with the same person, even though he often doesn’t have much opportunity to express his gifts. However, luck once knocked on the door of Anna Paquin and she immediately opened it.

At the age of 11, the actress was awarded the award for Best Supporting Actress, in 1993, for the feature “The Piano”, by Jane Campion. The most ironic thing about this whole early story is that this was her first movie role.

With the win in the category, she became the second-youngest winner in all of Oscar history. From that moment on, she built an interesting and solid career in film and television productions, although in the future she would suffer due to a confusion and a former colleague.

The story paralleled Paquin’s success in “True Blood”, which was written by Elisabeth Finch. During a period, Finch revealed to everyone that she suffered from bone cancer, being misdiagnosed and, during the chemotherapy process, she ended up suffering a miscarriage.

This was certainly an unfortunate situation to face. However, the reality is quite the opposite of all this, as Finch didn’t have any of these problems; in fact, it was all a big lie, that is, all medical matters.

As soon as the story began to make headlines in the media, Vanity Fair developed a complete and extensive writing on the screenwriter. In addition to finding out that Finch’s entire medical issue was a lie, it was also found that the kidney transplant she claimed to have received was a big lie.

This all made things very complicated for Elisabeth, as well as an extreme embarrassment for all the media. And this is where Anna Paquin really enters the story.

During the filming of the “True Blod” series, Paquin and Finch became friends, developing a friendship and closeness even outside the core of work.

During a holiday season, the screenwriter claimed at one point to be a housewife, which was a lie, as she also told some people that her transplanted fake kidney would have come from Anna.

These lies were all exposed at once, which made Paquin get rid of the whole situation, wrapping his name in the lies.

Now, the actress continues with her career working for both feature films and television, as she has done before. In fact, Anna Paquin is responsible for playing the mutant Rogue in the first “X-Men” films. And who knows, in the future, she might not be able to return to a rerun of that role.

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