Attention, driver! Smart radar can fine the reckless

Traffic safety has found a great ally: technology. Increasingly, it is used to reduce infractions and guide drivers who break the rules. Now a smart radar will record infractions committed by drivers even over long distances, so it’s good to prepare when leaving home.

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The radar is capable of recording everything: speeding, dangerous manoeuvres, erratic turns, riders without a helmet and much more. Therefore, it is not possible to waver without guaranteeing a punishment. With the oversight reinforced through smart radar, the proposal is to reduce infractions and improve road safety.

smart radar

The technology has been called the “inductive loop”. It allows you to record all types of infractions, such as running a red light, missing a helmet, prohibited conversion, overtaking, oncoming traffic and other infractions.

The smart radar system is combined with high definition monitoring cameras. The feature allows you to capture images of vehicles and motorcycle, regardless of the location of the road. With the most accurate information, the authorities responsible for Traffic will be able to fine the violating drivers in the best way.

“All the information generated by the sensors allows public agents to monitor and evaluate the behavior and behavior trends of drivers, including motorcycles, as well as to prosecute – if there is disrespect and current legislation”, explained Guilherme Araújo, mobility specialist.

THE technology is already used in some cities, they are: Aracaju (SE), Novo Hamburgo (RS), Anápolis (GO), São Paulo (SP), Curitiba (PR) and Salvador (BA). Since 2020, smart radar is already being used in Pará.

The resource hopes in the short term to reduce the number of accidents, especially those involving motorcycles. A survey by the National Federation of Automotive Vehicle Distribution shows that, in the first half of 2022 alone, there was a 50% increase in motorcycle sales.

With more motorcycles in traffic, the number of accidents is also higher, as well as infractions. There were 71,344 occurrences of violations in the country involving motorcycles and 54% of all cases of traffic accidents.

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