Bahia only draws with Vila Nova and follows a victory from the return to Serie A

Bahia drew 1-1 with Vila Nova tonight (22), at Arena Fonte Nova, and wasted the chance to advance to Serie A in advance. In a game for the 36th round of Série B of the Brazilian Championship, Neto Pessoa scored the visitors’ goal, and Matheus Davó equalized in the second stage.

There are two rounds left in Serie B. With 58 points, Bahia is one victory away from mathematically guaranteeing access. On Friday (28) Tricolor will play at home again, this time against Guarani. Vila Nova, in turn, crowns the resumption of the second round and is safe from relegation.

How was the game

After a first half of little creativity, stuck in the back of Vila Nova, Bahia found itself behind the score in the first minute after the break. The team from Goiás took the lead in a dead ball play and closed down even more. Tricolor had a clear chance with Rodallega, but the header went wide.

The tie only came in the 22nd minute, with Matheus Davó, who had left the bench a little earlier. He headed in a precise way after Ignacio managed to get inside the area and set Fonte Nova on fire. The best of the game, Davó still had two great chances: in the first he sent close to the post, in the second, in extra time, he made a beautiful move inside the area and hit the crossbar.

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