Basemark launches benchmark that compares Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS and Windows devices

It will now be possible to make comparisons Linux x Windows, iOS x Windows and much more

Basemark just released the benchmark GPUScore Sacred Path with a very interesting feature, it is capable of performing cross-platform tests, including the latest GPU technologies, such as Variable Rate Shading (VRS).

Sacred Path supports all relevant device categories from smartphones to PCs, including full support for operating systems such as android, iOS, Linux, Windows and macOS. Yes, it is now possible for you to perform cross-platform tests, iOS vs Linux, Windows vs Linux, Windows vs Androidare just one of the possibilities that can be explored.

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This benchmark is of great importance to application vendors, device manufacturers, GPU vendors and IT media. Game developers need a thorough understanding of performance across devices to optimize usage of the same assets across maximum device possibility.

With this tool it is possible to compare the performance of the Valve Steam Deck with that of an iPhone 14 Pro Max

GPU vendors and device manufacturers can compare their products to competitors, allowing them to develop a set of products with the right segmentation. Furthermore, Sacred Path is a real asset for reviewing media from any GPU equipped device.

Endless possibilities for comparisons

There are already benchmarks for specific devices on the market, such as GPUScore: The Expedition for smartphones and GPUScore: Relic of Life for PCs. But without a cross-platform benchmark, it’s hard to understand how different devices might react to the same test. Therefore, Sacred Path allows cross-platform and device comparison, comparing devices of different categories and operating systems, while supporting the latest hardware.

With an infinity of possibilities to compare, it is worth remembering that some tests can be unfair, an example is Windows x Android, since PCs have a more robust and powerful architecture, smartphones have a more compact architecture, making some comparisons unfair. But it is still an excellent evolution for Benchmark users. Check out the promotional video below. Sacred Path.


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