O Botafogo was close to winning the classic, opened 2 to 0, but took the tie Fluminense 2-2 this Sunday, at Maracanã, for Brazilian championship. With the result, the team went to 44 points and missed the opportunity to paste in the G-8.

The first half was lively and full of emotion. In their own way, Fluminense started pressing with exchange of passes and quick combinations, but Botafogo managed to fit the marking and balance the options.

In the first minute, Calegari found a good pass for Jhon Arias, inside the area, to send the ball over the top. On the other side, Jeffinho finished wide. Cano and Martinelli also tried, without success, while Botafogo was dangerous in a move that is already usual: Marçal’s cross from the left and Victor Cuesta’s header, but Fábio defended.

The great tricolor chance came in the 24th minute. On the ball out, Gabriel Pires was pressured and blocked by Martinelli, Cano received a free-kick and hit the post, giving a scare. On another occasion, after a table, Yago received in the area and hit cross, Gatito closed the angle well and cut.

Botafogo, which was around the area, opened the scoring in the 40th minute. It was when Júnior Santos gave a strong cross kick to the area and Eduardo deflected it first to the back of the net.

In a first half that the referee preferred to manage, Samuel Xavier, Ganso and André could have received yellow cards. He didn’t. Just as it was only in the verbal warning for Tiquinho Soares and Marçal. He even gave it to Arias, from a corner, to kick, taking paint off the beam.

In the final stage, Fluminense took out a defender (Manoel) to add another midfielder (Nathan). It even got to the attack, in a kick by Yago defended by Gatito, but it opened spaces for Botafogo to take advantage. That’s how the second goal came about.

In a great counterattack, Júnior Santos launched, Jeffinho passed Martinelli and concluded with a category to expand, at 6.

And had a chance for the third. Jeffinho made a good pass, Marçal crossed in the measure and Júnior Santos headed Fábio’s defense. Fluminense tried with Samuel Xavier, Cano and Calegari, in shots without much danger.

At 21, Jeffinho made a beautiful move on the left, went through two and rolled for Gabriel Pires to hit, the ball deflected and Fábio avoided the goal. On the rebound, Tiquinho Soares even swung the net, but there was an offside.

But Fluminense did not give up. In his first move, Matheus Martins passed Daniel Borges, forced the bar and, already falling, received contact from Patrick de Paula inside the area. The referee scored a penalty, converted by Ganso, at 30.

To make matters worse, Fluminense managed to reach the tie. After a rebound in the area, Nathan submitted, Gatito took it out and Matheus Martins took advantage of the rebound to make it 2-2 on the scoreboard.

The two teams still tried until the end, but it was even 2-2 at Maracanã.

Botafogo’s upcoming matches

Botafogo has a series of two matches at home, against Red Bull Bragantino and Cuiabá, both at Nilton Santos Stadium.


Stadium: Maracana
Date-Time: 10/23/2022 – 4 pm
Referee: Ramon Abatti Abel (SC)
Assistants: Eder Alexandre (SC) and Gizeli Casaril (SC)
VAR: Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (Fifa/SP)
Income/Public: –
Yellow Cards: Martinelli and Ganso (FLU); Tiquinho Soares and Marçal (BOT)
Red Cards: none

Goals: Eduardo, 40’/1st (0-1); Jeffinho, 6’/2nd (0-2); Goose, 30’/2ºT (1-2)

FLUMINENSE: Fábio; Samuel Xavier, Nino, Manoel (Nathan, halftime) and Calegari (Cristiano, 19’/2ºT); André, Martinelli, Yago (Matheus Martins, 27’/2ºT) and Ganso; Arias e Cano – Coach: Fernando Diniz.

BOTAFOGO: Gatito Fernández; Daniel Borges, Adryelson, Victor Cuesta and Marçal; Patrick de Paula, Gabriel Pires and Eduardo (Del Piage, 15’/2ºT); Júnior Santos, Tiquinho Soares and (Victor Sá, 34’/2ºT) – Coach: Luís Castro.

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