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The Secret Invasion series is in the process of reshoots and who represented the cast during SDCC 2022 was Cobie Smulders, who plays Maria Hill. Nick Fury’s second-in-command has stayed here to defend Earth, and an apparent invasion by the alien Skrulls is underway. Asked what fans can expect from the show by, Smulders only responded:

“When we think about the world they are in, Skrulls have been around since we saw them in Captain Marvel,” Smulders said after the conclusion of the Hall h. “They’re upping the numbers, are they good? Are they bad? We’ll find out on the show. But there’s certainly a lot of them and then it kind of turns into that. Can I trust you? I don’t trust you? And it’s really cool. It’s certainly loaded with a lot of tension.”

Secret Invasion also sees Hill reuniting with Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson. Smulders anticipates that their relationship may not be what it once was.

“Yeah, he’s gone,” points out Smulders. “Hill is holding the fort, you know what I mean? [A reunião], is provisional. I think Maria Hill thinks she can do anything. She’s doing fine. She’s dealt with a lot being just a puny human, you know what I mean? But I think she can see how broken this man is from the loss and past experiences that she has a lot of worry about it.”

Smulders first appeared as Maria Hill in 2012’s The Avengers. She returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe on several occasions in supporting turns before landing that lead role in Secret Invasion. She reflected on the past decade playing Hill.

“Yeah, I mean, they keep asking me to come back,” she said. “I get a call and they’re like, ‘We’re thinking about you doing this.’ I mean, the Spider-Man thing was such a lovely surprise and that’s a cool thing they’re doing here at Marvel, where the stories are kind of overlapping, like in the comics, and being able to do a show like Secret Invasion is, you can allow the audience to feel more with these characters in situations that are not so intense. We can see these characters talking around the water cooler. What is that conversation like when you’re sitting in a hideout waiting for information about the bomb. What It’s much more human, and you get to see a different side of these characters.

The “Spider-Man thing” was her playing Hill alongside Jackson’s Fury in Spider-Man: Far From Home. It turned out that both characters were Skrull imposters, something she was not aware of during filming.

“It just kind of happened,” she said. “I think they edited it together and I’m not sure, I think they just said, ‘How do they not know this is happening?’ They’re so smart, I think that was it. Fury and Hill are so smart, how come they don’t know this is coming? And maybe that was the solution? I don’t know. But we certainly had conversations about it. But this came as a surprise to me. me.”

Whatever the impetus, the twist perfectly set the stage for Hill’s role in Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion has Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury as the main protagonist and will feature Ben Mendelsohn (as Talos), Cobbie Smulders (Maria Hill), Emilia Clarke, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Olivia Colman, Carmen Ejogo, Christopher McDonald and Killian Scott. The series will be written and produced by Kyle Bradstreet and directed by Thomas Bezucha and Ali Selim.

The Disney+ series debuts in early 2023.


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