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Flamengo’s reserves, with reinforcement from João Gomes, fulfilled the mission and beat América-MG 2-1, this Saturday, in Belo Horizonte. After the match, coach Dorival Júnior praised the team and explained his plan to try to reach the Libertadores final, on the 29th, with the athletes in good condition.

Dorival at the Flamengo press conference — Photo: Fred Gomes/ge

The coach warned that he intends to put “four or five holders” in the match against Santos, Tuesday, at Maracanã. Goalkeeper Santos will be one of them. The next day the delegation travels to Guayaquil, Ecuador. Dorival also explained the relay with the goalkeepers.

– The intention is a relay. Hugo started, Diego Alves will soon have his chance too. We don’t have a definition yet, but Diego will for sure. He is a professional who will always be respected here, and he has been working with great dedication, has been actively participating in each round, each match, and has been very important for us. Maybe in the next game Santos will return, and in the next game he will, naturally, play in the Libertadores final. Diego, from then on, start alternating with Hugo. This is a prediction, let’s confirm. Some players who played on Wednesday will be on the field on Tuesday. We will probably start with four or five players from the group that played on Wednesday, not least because, in a consultation with them, we came to the conclusion that they would not like to stay 10 days from one match to another. Let’s merge so that everyone plays at least 45 minutes – said the coach.

Dorival explains the management of the team for the sequence of the Brazilian and Libertadores

Dorival explains the management of the team for the sequence of the Brazilian and Libertadores

Dorival said that in the final of the Copa do Brasil four players had physical problems: Pedro, Thiago Maia, Vidal and Arrascaeta.

– Even to reinforce what was said after the match against Corinthians: we had four players who were problems, and the guys were very professional, men. A complete dedication to having entered the field. If you had seen Vidal’s leg, you would have confirmed what I am talking about. Thiago Maia with a swelling in the knee, Arrasca with a problem for almost two months, complicating the athlete’s daily life and the recovery process, and Pedro, who also had a nuisance. We had four players clinically far below the best conditions.

Dorival talks about the situation of Flamengo players in the DM

Dorival talks about the situation of Flamengo players in the DM

– It was a complication, because we didn’t have options to reinforce a sector that was vital at that moment. I believe that three players will be fully recovered, we even hope that they can be fully integrated by Tuesday at the latest and looking for complementary work and will finish the preparation for Saturday’s game. I am in the situation of knowing who to count on for the game against Santos, we will probably repeat here the team that played with some players who, suddenly, are in better conditions. We will have a competitive team, as it has been, looking for the most points and fighting for the best possible position.

Best moments: América-MG 1 x 2 Flamengo for the 33rd round of the Brasileirão 2022

Best moments: América-MG 1 x 2 Flamengo for the 33rd round of the Brasileirão 2022

Other responses from Dorival:

Girls do it again

– It’s all a matter of time. You get to know the group, the youth from the base who are being very well prepared for some years inside the club, and with that you really expand, because some are starting an opportunity. It is natural that both teams have given very positive responses, and we have not had injuries, except for the last match, the discomfort, but we do not have injuries that have pushed professionals away, which is more difficult, it is a fact, but in all the matches we have the starting point of giving a better condition for these boys. And each one has been offering their best within their profile, giving an answer, showing something a little different. I think that’s the goal, it’s with this intention that we’re making the work revolve around everything we’re doing at the club, and I’m happy, because it’s nice to see a boy like Matheus, 16, having an opportunity. It is a response to everything that has been developed within the club, everyone is to be congratulated for what has happened.

– By the end of the year we will have the best of Cebolinha. He’s been evolving, it’s clear this is happening, in strength, explosion, in arrival, feint, holding the ball, holding, giving our team time to approach and breathe. Anyway, he is a player who has been returning to the same conditions shown in Grêmio.

– The biggest strain we have is not only physical, but emotional. You prepare for a decision and go emotionally on edge. When everything happens, it is normal for you to relax in such a way that it would be difficult to have a team with the competitive power that we had on the field today, two or three days after (the decision). That’s why the choice we made, has not been wrong, we scored important points with these teams, they are responding, they are at the same time to be decisive in the moments when they enter the other team. I think that’s the spirit, that’s the goal, and the response has been very positive.

"Brazilian useless, we only think about Libertadores", says Arthur |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Useless Brazilian, we only think about Libertadores”, says Arthur | The Voice of the Crowd

Referee’s decision not to disallow America’s goal

– It was his interpretation, he already left the area with the goal validated, he would hardly change what he did. He had conviction in the play. I remember again, the other day a penalty was claimed under the same conditions as Leo inside the Arena. They are very close plays, very similar, so you can see that, suddenly, there was a bad will with Flamengo at that moment, and they put a lot of pressure on Wilton (Pereira Sampaio) so that he refereed the decisive game, precisely in a play in which we suffer in the same condition. Ah, is it why we won the match? No, at halftime no one said anything, no one approached the referee. It’s for you to see both sides, both for and against.

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