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WhatsApp is a social network widely used in Brazil, as are YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Thus, it is common for Brazilians to spend most of their time talking to their contacts. To get an idea of ​​its proportion, the messaging application is even used by companies from different sectors to advertise products and services.

These are businesses that usually use WhatsApp to alert them about promotions and new products or services, communicate to customers how the order processing is going and also the delivery time (when the items were purchased over the internet), among others. These companies can also use the app to boost sales.

Tips to increase sales on WhatsApp

Ask the customer for permission before messaging them

It is very important that the company is sure that the customer wants to receive messages via WhatsApp. The sending of texts, links and other materials must be allowed by the person when they inform their telephone number when registering on the store’s website or in person.

Do not use sales messages in WhatsApp groups

The best a business can do is not use sales messages in WhatsApp groups. This is because the action does not please the customer, as he does not feel exclusive. Also, this action can fill the box with content that is not relevant to the recipient.

Therefore, an individual message must be sent to each customer when the entrepreneur wants to carry out a promotion or sale of a product or service. It is worth remembering that there are tools that help in sending messages of this type.

Just forward what you feel

Messages must have a reason for sending. Therefore, it is best to only look for the client when communicating about a promotion, launching a product, holding an event, reinforcing the institutional image, after-sales service, among others.

Follow the basic rules of netiquette

Each and every message forwarded must follow the basic rules of “netiquette”, starting the text with an informal greeting, but without intimate treatment, after all, it is a relationship between company and customer. Slang, technical terms and very “cute” words, such as darling, sweetheart, flower and benzinho, should be banned.

Also, pay attention to spelling, writing correctly and with capital letters according to the rules. If you don’t know how to write a certain word, the best thing to do is to search for the good old Google.

Avoid forwarding daily or weekly messages

Sending daily or weekly messages is risky. That’s because the customer can quickly block or report it, thinking it’s spam. Therefore, it is important to create marketing objectives and motives, which will help the person find out more about what is happening.

Messages should be forwarded every 15 days, which is the ideal frequency, or when there is active interaction. That is, when the customer himself contacts the brand to find out if a particular product is still available, for example.

Image: Anton/

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