Inter only draws with Coritiba and leaves Palmeiras closer to the title

After a first half below the criticism, the vice-leader Internacional reacted and drew 1-1 with Coritiba this Sunday (23), at Couto Pereira, for the 33rd round of the Brasileirão.

The draw away from home was bad for Colorado, as it left Palmeiras closer to the title. With the result, Inter went to 61 points and was 10 of the championship leader, who now only have 15 more points (5 rounds) in dispute. If Inter stumbles again in the next round, Abel Ferreira’s team could even be champions.

The goals of the tie at Couto Pereira were scored with a header and by two defenders. Luciano Castán opened the scoring in the first half for Coxa, and Vitão left everything the same for Inter in the final stage. A summary of what the game was like, with each team dominating a time. The match was still marked by an Inter goal disallowed in the second half with the help of VAR.

Now, Internacional returns to the field next Wednesday (26), against Ceará, in Beira-Rio. Coritiba, which was 35 points behind and is in 15th place, takes on Fortaleza on the same day, at Castelão.

The best: Alef Manga

Electric on the left side of Coxa’s attack, Alef Manga took the breath away from the colorada defense. He dribbled, finished, provoked corners (one of the main weapons of the hosts) and participated in the best collective plays of the team. Scorer of the home team’s goal and safe in defense, Luciano Castán was also one of the best at Couto Pereira.

Worst: Inter’s midfield

Internacional’s midfield sector was easy prey for Coxa’s midfielders and midfielders, more dynamic and well positioned. If Inter’s idea of ​​playing in a 4-2-3-1 was to fill the center of the field, it didn’t work out. While Jhonny and De Pena suffered to mark the good movement of the ball from Coxa, the line of midfielders formed by Edenilson, Pedro Henrique and Alan Patrick neither managed to give the team compaction nor to equip Alemão, very isolated in the attack. Almost all, in fact, were eventually replaced.

Inter’s performance

Vitão, from Internacional, celebrates a goal against Coritiba for the Brasileirão - DIDO HENRIQUE/W9 PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO - DIDO HENRIQUE/W9 PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO

Vitão, from Internacional, celebrates a goal against Coritiba for the Brasileirão


Inter started cornered by Coritiba. In the first 15 minutes, he barely passed the midfield and had a lot of difficulty getting the ball out. But when he arrived for the first time, in the 18th minute, he almost opened the scoring with Alan Patrick. He started on the counterattack and kicked hard and into the corner for Gabriel’s good defense. The bid, however, did not wake up the team, which soon after left behind the score in a corner kick. After the goal, Inter even advanced their lines and started to have more of the ball, but continued without creative power in the midfield and did not take any danger. Colorado’s first bad time.

Inter came back from the break better, more organized, and balanced the game. It reached the equalizer with Alemão in the 6th minute, but VAR disallowed the goal because it understood that Pedro Henrique, who was offside, interfered in the bid. In the 14th minute, however, Colorado actually equalized in aerial play. Alan Patrick took a free-kick in the middle, and defender Vitão headed it just right. The goal changed the game’s script, Inter was superior to Coxa in the second half, but the tie was good enough.

Thigh’s performance

Luciano Castán, from Coritiba, celebrates a goal against Internacional for the Brasileirão - Robson Mafra/AGIF - Robson Mafra/AGIF

Luciano Castán, from Coritiba, celebrates a goal against Internacional for the Brasileirão

Image: Robson Mafra/AGIF

Coritiba started pressuring Internacional and forcing many mistakes from the rival. In the first 15 minutes, Coxa arrived with danger twice, always attacking with six or seven players and raising the crowd in Couto Pereira. Alef Manga, on the left, was making the colorada defense hell, when the initial smothering strategy paid off in the 23rd minute. Trindade took a corner perfectly, and Luciano Castán climbed higher than defender Vitão to test the nets. From then on, Coxa slowed down, but continued to be in danger and didn’t get scared.

The story changed in the second half, with Coritiba being pressed and Inter on top. The visitors drew level in the 14th minute, but they could even have turned the game around, because VAR had already ruled out a goal by Alemão, where the hosts were lucky. Seeing the drop in pace and performance of the team, Guto Ferreira replaced Boschilia for Régis and Bernardo for Juan Diaz. And the two who entered almost regained the advantage of Coxa, but Diaz finished the ball badly in the measure served by Régis. Coxa started to scare again in two Alef Manga lunges, but he ran into a lack of breath and aim.

VAR rules out Inter’s goal

When they lost the match by 1 to 0, at the beginning of the second half, Inter had a goal disallowed by VAR. After Alan Patrick’s corner, Johnny deflected and Alemão hit the post. The ball bounced at the loss of the player and ended up in the goal. Pedro Henrique, however, was in an irregular position, and VAR interpreted that he interfered with goalkeeper Gabriel’s reaction.

game numbers

Inter and Coritiba played a balanced game at Couto Pereira - Gabriel Machado/AGIF - Gabriel Machado/AGIF

Inter and Coritiba played a balanced game at Couto Pereira

Image: Gabriel Machado/AGIF

With a time for each side, the match numbers reflect the balance that was seen on the field and on the scoreboard. Inter had more possession of the ball (65%), but Coxa finished more: 12 to 11. The hosts also had an extra corner, 7 to 6, in a duel over the top from start to finish. No wonder, both goals came in aerial plays.

Mano accompanies departure from the hotel

Suspended for the third yellow card, received in the previous match against Botafogo, coach Mano Menezes could not command Inter at Couto Pereira.

In his place, assistant Sidnei Lobo directed the team against Coxa, while Mano accompanied the departure from the hotel. It was the coach’s third suspension at the Brasileirão, where he received six yellow cards and one red.


Coritiba 1 x 1 Internacional
Competition: Brasileirão (33rd round)
Date: Sunday (October 23)
Place: Couto Pereira (PR)
Hour: 18:00 (from Brasilia)
Referee: Wagner Nascimento Magalhães (RJ)
Auxiliaries: Alessandro Rocha Matos (BA) and Thiago Rosa de Oliveira (RJ)
VAR: Rodrigo Guarizo do Amaral (SP)
Public: 17,262 paying
Income: BRL 376,345.00
goals: Luciano Castán, from Coritiba, in the 23rd minute of the first half; Vitão, from Internacional, at 14′ of the second half.
Coritiba: Gabriel; Nathan, Chancellor, Luciano Castán and Rafael Santos; Bernardo (Juan Díaz), Trindade, Galarza (Warley) and Boschilia (Régis); Alef Manga and Léo Gamalho (Biel). Technician: Guto Ferreira.
Inter: Keiller; Busts, Vitão, Moledo and Renê; Johnny (Lucas Ramos), De Pena, Edenilson, Pedro Henrique (Wanderson) and Alan Patrick (Estevão); German (Braian Romero). Technician: Sidnei Lobo (assistant).

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