Ipiranga Museum vetoes HQ that criticizes Bolsonaro government; understand

The Ipiranga Museum vetoed a comic strip for distribution to visitors. The work is about Against Time – A Journey of Two Hundred Years and criticizes the public policies defended by the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL). The case was given by the report of Monica Bergamogives Folha de S. Pauloon the last day 16.

The story centers on Beatriz, a young black woman and history student who lives in a fictional Brazil, but in relation to the present day. To better understand the present in which she lives, she travels to the past and witnesses the historical moments throughout the bicentennial of Independence.

According to the report, what would have prevented the circulation of the distribution of the comic in the museum were three pages in which the young woman appears walking among evangelical churches, weapons store and a billboard with a man making revolvers with his hands and the caption “God, armament and freedom!” – symbols quite present in the current government. See below:

against time is a work produced by Instituto Ciência na Rua, created by journalist and researcher Mariluce Moura, and has the support of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science and the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). The institute had already obtained approval from the museum’s management to distribute the comic to children and adolescents who visited the place. The veto would have taken place in August, according to the article.

Sought by the vehicle, the Ipiranga Museum says it should not take sides as a public institution of an educational and cultural nature. “What we suggested was not a veto on the publication, but that its distribution should take place in a mediated way, in an environment where it was possible to propose a debate and a contextualization of the proposal.” said the note.

The HQ also counts with the collaboration of Joao Paulo Garrido Pimentaprofessor at the Department of History at the University of São Paulo (USP), specializing in the History of the Independence of Brazil, by the artists Ana Cardoso and Hyna Crimson and script of Igor Marques.

Against Time – A Journey of Two Hundred Years can be read here.

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