Malignant’s Maddie Hasson Can’t Remember Her Crime in Fixation [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Today is the opening day of TIFF 2022, and several films are expected to have their world premieres there before receiving wider distribution. One of these movies is Fixation, a new psychological thriller that borders on horror. Starring Maddie Hasson, who has already distinguished herself in the world of terror with performances in Malignant and We invoke the Darkness, Fixation follows a young woman named Dora who must complete a psychiatric evaluation before a murder trial. However, she is unable to remember what she has done, and the tests she must undergo become increasingly terrifying and personal, until she can no longer trust her doctors or her own mind.

Fixation also stars Genesis Rodriguez (whose role as Sloane Hargreeves was a big talking point in The Umbrella Academy Season 3) and Stephen McHattie (who has worked on Zack Snyder projects such as watchmakers and 300) as the mysterious Dr. Melanie and Dr. Clark. The tests they build for Dora are nothing short of a waking nightmare, albeit a very surreal one, and suggest they want something far more sinister than simply knowing what happened to her brother Griffin (played by Atticus Mitchell, who was featured in the film). by Roland Emmerich. Rock wall).

is pleased to present an exclusive clip of Fixation, in which Dora’s so-called “treatment” can be witnessed firsthand. Dr. Melanie picks up a stuffed bird and starts asking about Griffin’s violent behavior, which immediately makes the patient furious. Memories clearly flash before Dora’s eyes, but they are too much for her to understand. See the full clip here:

Perhaps the most chilling part of the scene above is that Dora must apologize for being traumatized. Dr. Genesis apologizes to Dora for her outburst, but she is the one who investigates a dark past that will naturally bring out demons. Furthermore, she balances the threat of returning to court (and therefore being incarcerated) rather than continuing her “program”, which raises the question of how much worse prison could be than her current situation. FixationThe director of , Mercedes Bryce Morgan, described the film as a reflection on the act of gaslighting and on the dynamic between victim and perpetrator. In this short scene, Morgan clearly set things in motion for Dora and the audience to question the reality of her situation and her captors’ motives.

Fixation was produced by 4AM Film Studios, a Canadian production company that prides itself on its thought-provoking content. Having only established themselves in 2018, they are already well on their way to claiming a corner of the independent film world. They first produced their own content, often written by co-founder Jordan Hayes and starring co-founder Max Topplin. So they started collaborating with other creatives on new projects, like the six-part miniseries something undonewhich won the Grand Jury Award for Episodic Pilot at SXSW 2022. Fixation it’s their first time working with Morgan, who is best known for her work directing powerful music videos for superstar DJ Marshmello. Seeing her translate her talent into long-form film while maintaining the surrealism allowed in a music video is certainly a big part of the film’s appeal.

Fixation will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival today, September 9.

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