Orlando exempts Lucas Barbosa from blame and recognizes mistakes

Although the contested expulsion of Lucas Barbosa in the 1-0 defeat against Corinthians was returned to numerical equality in the confrontation, as Santos had one more player, coach Orlando Ribeiro preferred to recognize the flaws of his team.

“Once again: the classics don’t change, they are details. And the details this time were against us. We made more mistakes than Corinthians, that’s why we lost”, said the interim of Peixe.

For Ribeiro, the loss of the attacker meant little in terms of destabilizing the athletes on the field. For five minutes at most, he said.

“It destabilized, I believe for about three or four minutes. It’s natural. The Corinthians team felt safer, because it equaled the number of athletes”, he pondered.

Asked about the space offered to Róger Guedes throughout the game, especially in the Corinthians goal, the coach evaluated that shirt 10 was well marked. However, he recognized that a single chance could be fatal.

“We know his quality. We had to pay more attention throughout the game. It was one of the few shots he took advantage of, and when you have an athlete of that level, you can’t even have a shot ahead,” he said.

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Why wasn’t Nathan listed?

Nathan didn’t have a good game against Bragantino and he didn’t have a good week. Auro and Madson’s week was better, so we couldn’t risk it.

Did Corinthians substitutions surprise you?

“Corinthians didn’t join the team that had already been playing. So Vitor needed to do something, he thought he needed to fill the middle at halftime. And I thought we needed an extra striker. It didn’t work out, we lost the game. Rodrigo’s part: he was scoring very well and Corinthians was one less. We imagined that the athlete who would cause us problems in front of the area, Yuri, [eles] they wouldn’t have any more, so we found a way to put in an extra striker and we took out a midfielder. We were going to put Miguel in, but when we had to put Auro in because of Madson’s conditions, and with Luiz’s departure, there were two substitutions by medical order.”

Departures of Ângelo and Rodrigo Fernández

“Rodrigo is what I said: midfielder who helps a lot in marking, and we understand that Camacho, a second midfielder, would handle it [no segundo tempo]. And Ângelo’s performance dropped a little: with Miguel, we thought we’d have more voluptuousness on the right.”

Planning for 2023 and what is your participation in it?

“Planning in terms of when the championship ends and when you return from vacation, the days, the schedules, we have helped. We are not giving any indication of athletes. We only give opinions in relation to the group.”

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