Selena Gomez on Taylor Swift’s New Album? Tips point out yes!

A good mystery is a ubiquitous ingredient in all design projects. Taylor Swift. And of course the pre-release setting of “Midnights”, her tenth studio album, would be no different. One appeared on the internet list of possible producers involved. In it, in addition to heavy names already used to working with the singer – Jack Antonoff, Max Martin and Ryan Tedderthere is a name that, until then, no one expected: Selena Gomez!

List of possible producers for Taylor’s new album. Photo: TikTok/Midnightsleaks


The information came from a profile on TikTok called Midnightsleaks, already known to fans of the singer for advancing some details of the project. Anyway, Selena and taylor grew up together in the spotlight, and are personal friends many years ago. He never hid, from either side, the desire to work together on a project at some point. And it’s not today that fans clamor for a musical collaboration between the artists.

The duo has reached share the stage sometimes, like when Selena took the stage at “The 1989 World Tour”who supported the album “1989” (2014), to perform with her friend some of her hits, such as “Hands to Myself” and “Good For You”.


And the clues of a possible partnership between the two do not stop there… On the same date that taylor launch your awaited “Midnights” – already in the next October 21stSelena releases a new merch of licensed products, which gained the name of “End of Summer”.

As its name suggests, the line will arrive a month after the end of summer in the United States. The new products deliver an aesthetic inspired by the hippie and groovy of the 70s, which is precisely the decade to which Taylor refers several times on the record, as she has already stated. Will the production of Selena on one of the tracks or even the long-awaited feat is coming?

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