These tricks will help you to see deleted messages on WhatsApp

These tricks will help you to see deleted messages on WhatsApp. So if you want to see the tricks, check them out now.

If you use WhatsApp, you’ve probably had a situation where a friend deleted a message in your chat or friends’ groups.

We all know how our curiosity is alerted to know what he deleted and what information he is trying to hide.

That way, with this article your frustrations will end, because today you will be presented with ways to view the contents of messages.

What are the ways you can view deleted messages?

There are several ways shared by various content on the internet how you can view the content of your friends’ deleted messages.

Most of them are ways that will go against the terms of use of the platform, and therefore, we do not recommend that you use them to avoid some problems.

For example, violation of the use of your data by malicious applications that do not have an evaluation or reputation for handling the data.

Thus, we have separated two options on how you can access this information and you will have no problems with WhatsApp and its terms.

using the system

The first way is to use WhatsApp records that are stored in the device’s notification tabs.

This function is already active and on Android 11 or higher devices, it stores all messages, including sent and deleted messages.

That way, you just need to check everything before entering the app, as the messages disappear from the notified message bar.

Notification logging apps

As well as the way to view the log of previous notifications, this solution includes an application that saves all notified messages.

That is, it is an external app that does not violate WhatsApp’s terms of use and collects all information.

Its only disadvantage is that if the user is in the chat, the messages do not notify and therefore do not register in the app.

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