THIS is the hottest profession in 2022; check out!

A recent survey by LinkedIn Economic Graphic based on millions of job openings across the platform from 2017 to 2021 helped to list the top 10 jobs for 2022. To the surprise of many, the top spot went to the position of Tech Recruiter (technical recruiters).

Tech Recruiter is responsible for selecting the best candidates for IT vacancies, especially developers, ensuring greater assertiveness in the correspondence between candidate and company, among other functions.

See how this type of professional can be fundamental for technology companies; who knows, maybe this area interests you?

THIS is the hottest profession in 2022; check it out!/ Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What would be the reason?

Frederico Sieck, CEO of Koud, which specializes in Professional Allocation and Hunting, says the main focus has been on preparing and training Tech Recruiters and connecting them to technology companies so that they can work with the HR of these companies.
In recent years, the demand for technology professionals, and even more so for developers and programmers, has become voracious. With the increase in opportunities, this market has become inflated, salaries have increased and the exchange of jobs has become much greater, which ends up being costly for companies, since the circulation of this type of employee ends up being very large.

Having a Tech Recruiter trained to look for developers in the market can be a game changer for those looking for this professional.

First, because the recruiter has a lot of knowledge in the part of the business that this company develops; have technical knowledge to explain and make it very clear what the vacancy offers; what the employee’s responsibilities will be, the tasks performed and even career development.

On the other hand, it helps the company to understand if the developers have the technical capacity for the vacancy.

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Examples of Koud

In Koud’s team of Tech Recruiters, for example, one of the main objectives is to find professionals who, in addition to being technicians, have the same cultural fit with the hiring company.

In other words, they are aligned with the values, form and philosophy of work, which minimizes the risk of future “inconvenience” with the alignment of expectations.

This leads to much firmer results at the time of hiring and a reduction in the time needed to find the professional with the ideal match.

A survey carried out within Koud itself with its customers indicates that the time to hire new professionals is 30% faster and revenue (when professionals leave a vacancy after being hired) drops by up to 40%.

In order to become a good Technical Recruiter, on the other hand, it is necessary to be well prepared and to always be attributing knowledge, since the market will increasingly demand complete professionals who can move between the area of ​​technical knowledge and that prepared to deal with people. .

The company’s CEO points out that it doesn’t make sense for a Technical Recruiter to be good at the technical part of the job and not know how to evaluate other personal aspects and that this was one of the great challenges at Koud. Develop a training process for this type of professional that really dominates the area.

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