Tricks to send messages without leaving a trace

The quest for more privacy has led app developers to produce tools that help people to chat in secret. However, smartphone users also share tips that can help you communicate on your cell phone without leaving a trace, in a hidden way. There are ways to chat in secret without other people knowing. Next you will see tricks to send messages without leaving a trace.

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Disable notifications from messaging apps

The first tip to hide the content of conversations is to disable all notifications from messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Instagram. Thus, conversations do not appear on the locked screen or on the top bar, an attitude that avoids the view of the curious to the chats.

Activate temporary chats on WhatsApp

One of WhatsApp’s recent updates is the creation of a temporary chat mode. In it, the user defines a time for messages to be automatically deleted, 24 hours, seven days or 90 days later.

On Instagram there is also a similar functionality that works as a secret chat that automatically destroys messages, both incoming and outgoing.

The most advanced of them, Telegram, also has a secret chat that automatically deletes the message sent, in addition to notifying the person who sent the messages an alert notification in case the recipient takes screenshots.

Create and share notes or documents in Google Docs

The iOS Notes tool allows the creation of collaborative drafts, which can be shared with other users and are updated in real time, working similar to a messaging app, although more rudimentary.

In Google Docs, just create a regular file and rename it to work as a hidden chat. When sharing, it is important to make sure you have enabled the editing tool, so that the recipient can edit the document.

Upload photos that do not allow repeat viewing

On Instagram and WhatsApp it is now possible to send photos with a single view, which do not allow repetition, after the recipient of the message has opened the content with the photo or video.

It is a practical tool for maintaining privacy, as well as reducing the amount of storage used on the device.

Hide home screen messaging apps

By removing applications from the mobile home screen, it will only be possible to see the chats when searching for the application in the library, which increases the work of the curious when looking for your conversations.

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