Vítor Pereira highlights the spirit of Corinthians in victory in Vila after vice: “I still see a lot of sadness” | Corinthians

The blow for the runner-up of the Copa do Brasil on Wednesday, against Flamengo, at Maracanã, has not yet been overcome by Corinthians players.

In a press conference after the 1-0 victory against Santos, coach Vítor Pereira spoke about the feeling of the squad in this Saturday’s match, at Vila Belmiro.

– The way we lost that title, which was a very strong internal bet. It was indeed a goal that we set for our season. For them it was more of a title, for us it was our title. And to lose him like that… Football sometimes hits us hard, at those times we see who the men are, who can get back on their feet again.

– The time span is so short, as much as I try to concentrate and focus on this game, I still can’t turn off the other. And it turned out that my players didn’t either. I still see a lot of sadness, a feeling of great frustration, we wanted to give joy to the more than 30 million fans that we have scattered everywhere – he highlighted.

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Vítor Pereira in Santos vs Corinthians — Photo: Ricardo Moreira/Getty Images

The coach talked about the game strategy in Vila, which was changed with the expulsion of Yuri Alberto.

– Can you imagine the state of mind of the team these days, my state of mind? These were days of great sadness, it is difficult to recover in such a short time. It was a period of great pressure for us, for the referees, you have to remain calm, otherwise it will be a problem. We ended up having an expulsion. We weren’t playing a good game. After the expulsion, we decided to reorganize ourselves differently, having three players in the middle who work very hard. They are pressure players, occupy spaces and have done a sensational job.

– We lowered Gustavo in a line of five to counteract Santos’ numerical superiority a little. Santos has a lot of dangerous players in one-on-one, you need to be close. This reorganization gave us the ability to have more ball. In numerical equality, we left Róger, who is a dangerous player when he is one against one, the strategy was to have him loose in the front waiting for a ball to appear. She appeared and he ended up scoring a beautiful goal. It was important to give an answer with victory, that’s what happened. I liked the spirit of the players, who joined, who stayed on the bench… This is the Corinthians spirit, it was only possible to win the three points with this spirit that the group has and is very strong – he extolled.

See Vitor Pereira's press conference after Santos 0 x 1 Corinthians

See Vitor Pereira’s press conference after Santos 0 x 1 Corinthians

The pre-season starts later this year, around December 15th. With the World Cup disputed in Qatar starting on November 20, the squad will receive a vacation next month and will perform again in the last month of the year.

Corinthians’ next match will be on Wednesday, against Fluminense, at Neo Química Arena.

Best moments: Santos 0 x 1 Corinthians for the 33rd round of the Brasileirão

Best moments: Santos 0 x 1 Corinthians for the 33rd round of the Brasileirão

See more excerpts from the interview with Vítor Pereira:

– If I knew a medicine, I would already take it. It was one of the titles that made me suffer the most. I’ve already lost the European Super Cup, Porto against Barcelona, ​​the chances of winning were lower. We left a very good image, it was the beginning of my project in Porto. I lost a Cup against Galatasaray, it was hard, but we didn’t deserve it. And I lost one in Saudi Arabia, which cost. But this one was the one that cost me the most, because what we did in the game, that was our title and we died on the beach. But that’s how life is, we have to turn it around, we have a terrible Brasileirão final, we’ve been in the first places throughout the championship, we have to fight and get the best place possible among the four.

Giuliano and Renato Augusto together

– We have Roger, who is not an expert in defensive terms, but he can do what he did today. He goes fishing alone and manages to solve the game, he has that ability, but he has trouble defending. Renato has difficulty, to be well against Fluminense, today he had to rest. If we insisted with him today, there was a great chance of getting injured. Giuliano has grown a lot in recent times, he gives us the game between the lines. It can happen at certain times in the game, but it also takes pitbulls. Today we launched three pitbulls in the second half and they guaranteed us this victory. We released three pitbulls at halftime and it looked like they were biting everything. The team needs to balance itself to support those players with more freedom, like Renato, Róger, despite Giuliano being an intelligent player, he doesn’t have a grip. We need people of footprint on the team.

"I smiled again after Wednesday", says Bald |  The Voice of the Crowd

“I smiled again after Wednesday”, says Careca | The Voice of the Crowd

Expulsion of Yuri Alberto

– The decision to remove Yuri was already taken. He and Fausto were going to leave. I was seeing that sometimes they were creating conflict situations for cards. And the management was being a little bit… The criteria weren’t right, lots of fouls at the entrance of the area… Unnerving, unnerving, unnerving the players, the stadium, the coaches. I realized that I was going to be expelled. Situations were being created for us to finish with 10, 9, 8… I believe it was the result of the game against Flamengo. We are human, and the nervous system is not balanced, it is difficult for us to accept. He was going to leave, but that happened, he ended up being expelled.

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