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TV Globo shows in the “Sessão da Tarde” this Monday (14) the film “A proof of love″, released in 2009. The film stars Cameron Diaz (“Vanilla Sky”), Abigail Breslin (“Little Miss Sunshine”) and Alec Baldwin (“BlacKkKlansman”).

The film tells the story of Anna Fitzgerald (Breslin), a girl who wants to achieve medical emancipation from her parents. Such an attitude is motivated by discovering that she had been conceived to help Kate (Sofia Vassilieva), her older sister who suffers from leukemia.

Check out four facts about the movie “A Proof of Love”:

Based on real facts?

Not. As believable as the story of “A Proof of Love” seems, it was inspired by the book “A Guardian of My Sister”, by American writer Jodi Picoult. And the original work is 100% fictional – although very similar to the story of several other children who have a member with cancer in the family.

Modifications displeased writer

The movie has a different ending than the book. In the original work, Anna is in a car accident and dies. With this, Kate inherits her sister’s kidney and recovers from the disease. In addition, some secondary plots are given more prominence in the film, while others are forgotten. These modifications were against Jodi Picoult’s wishes.

Actress shaved her eyebrows

Sofia Vassilieva shaved her hair and even her eyebrows to play Kate Fitzgerald in the movies. For her, this was the way to get as close to Kate’s pain as possible.

Fanning sisters would be the protagonists

Actresses Elle Fanning (“Maleficent”) and Dakota Fanning (“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”), real-life sisters, were the original choices for the roles of Anna and Kate Fitzgerald. However, they dropped out when Dakota refused to shave her head to play Kate. That was a prerequisite for the role.

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