Xochitl Gomez will be the daughter of Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Marvel Studios gave it the big debut in theaters and the studios are already starting to notice Xochitl Gomez. The new project is with Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

With a career focused on short films or television series, and in which she only became a protagonist in 2020 in “The Baby-Sitters Club”, Xochitl Gomez became one of the promising young talents of Hollywood after being presented in “Doctor Stranger in the Multiverse of Madness.” Knowing that she will continue to be linked to future MCU projects, the actress begins to forge her own path outside the world of superheroes.

Xochitl Gomez is confirmed to be one of the leads in a new sci-fi thriller from XYZ Films, “Ursa Major”. Gomez will be paired with Mary Elizabeth Winstead (“Birds of Prey”), who for the first few advanced details will be the mother of Xochitl’s character.

“Ursa Major” follows a mother, Charlie (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), and her daughter, Natalie (Xochitl Gomez). The story sees them fighting for survival on an Earth-like planet, while hiding from relentless hunters, with an imminent threat of deadly storms looming. As they struggle, Natalie begins to question her mother’s decisions, and the explanations given about who they are, how they arrived on the planet and what they need to do to survive.

The film has brothers Baker, Jonathan and Josh, designated as directors. The screenplay is by Patrick Somerville (“Station Eleven”) in partnership with Colleen O’Brien and Katie Franch. The film is currently looking for an international distributor and is already scheduled to be presented on the market at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Long career potential setback for this actress?

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