5 Disney animations to kill homesickness on Disney+

The animations of disney are part of the lives of children and adults of different generations over the years. Both older and newer productions have a special place in many people’s hearts.

Remember now 5 animations that are available on Disney+ for you to kill the longing.

Atlantis: The Lost Kingdom

Atlantis: The Lost Kingdom
Atlantis: The Lost Kingdom (Reproduction)

The film is an adventure in search of the famous lost kingdom of Atlantis under the sea that was released in 2001.

In the plot, a cartographer and an underrated linguist find a map and do everything they can to prove that the myth is real. To do so, they embark on an expedition on the high seas with a group of mercenaries.

The future family

The Family of the Future (Reproduction / Disney)

This is Disney’s second 3D animation and was released in 2007. The film tells the story of Lewis, an orphan boy who is known for his amazing inventions.

When one of his creations is stolen, he enlists the unexpected help of a mysterious boy named Wilbur Robinson who takes him to the future.


This movie was released in 2013 and is a spin-off of the franchise cars. The plot takes place in a cornfield, where the agricultural service plane called Dusty Crophopper dreams of being part of an air race to become a great pilot.

Despite being little encouraged by his colleagues, he gains the support of his friend Skipper, who helps him train for the competition.

Not in a million years

This movie was released in the year 2004 and has as protagonists the three cows, Maggie, Grace and Mrs. Calloway.

The three are on the hunt for a notorious cow thief and hope to use the money the authorities offer for his capture to save their farm from an auction.

The production was the studio’s penultimate feature film with hand-drawn drawings.

The Chicken Little Chicken

The Chicken Little Chicken (Reproduction / Disney)

This film was released in 2005 and told the story of Chicken Little, a rooster who creates chaos in the city where he lives after thinking that the sky was falling down after a nut fell on his head.

The situation will get more complicated when aliens appear and the rooster will have to deal with the problem, without creating a new state of panic in the residents of Oakey Oaks.

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