Albino animals are so cute! See 12 of them

We are used to seeing animals of different colors and unique patterns in the wild, but have you ever heard of albino animals? Because they are not so common, they can generate fascination.

Albinism is a genetic alteration that causes the total or partial absence of melanin (the pigment responsible for the coloring of the skin, hair and eyes). People and animals with albinism have very white skin, extremely light eyes, eyelashes, hair and other body hair.

What is the difference from an albino animal?

In addition to physical differences, an albino animal is more sensitive in several ways. As they react more immediately to light, they can have impaired vision, which impairs their daily lives.

Albino birds, for example, hardly reach adulthood if left free in the wild.

Just like humans, animals with a lack of melanin in the body need more care and also tend to suffer more from burns.

For reptiles, “cold-blooded” animals that naturally seek to stay warm, sun exposure can be fatal.

Below, we list 14 albino animals for you to sigh:


Albino Alligators - Wild Florida - Wild Florida

albino alligators

Image: Wild Florida

Rare albino alligator pups were born and live in a Florida zoo


Albino Raccoon - Reproduction / Viral Recreation - Reproduction / Viral Recreation

albino raccoon

Image: Reproduction / Viral Recreation

Albino raccoon lives at the Charleston Zoo in the United States.


Albino Hummingbird - Carters News - Carters News

albino hummingbird

Image: Carters News

Could it be the land of albino animals? This bird was also photographed in the United States, in Virginia.


Albino squirrel - Reproduction - Reproduction

albino squirrel

Image: Reproduction

This exotic squirrel was photographed taking a walk in Hastings Park, East Sussex, England.


Albino owl - Playback / Youtube - Playback / Youtube

albino owl

Image: Playback / Youtube

The characteristic red eyes due to albinism make this owl look even more impressive.


Albino dog - Reproduction - Reproduction

albino dog

Image: Reproduction

This dog’s pink muzzle, paws and eye contour give the pet a unique appearance. Duke lives in the UK and has over 6,000 followers on Instagram.


Albino Gorilla - Atarom / Wikicommons - Atarom / Wikicommons

albino gorilla

Image: Atarom / Wikicommons

This albino gorilla’s name is Snowflake, and he lived at the Barcelona Zoo in Spain. Studies point out that the genetic disorder occurred because the animal’s parents were related.


Albino porcupine - Reproduction - Reproduction

albino porcupine

Image: Reproduction

Porcupine is no longer a very common animal for us Brazilians. Albino, then, even less. But it’s cute, isn’t it?!


Baby albino elephant in the middle of the herd - REUTERS/ Sumaya Hisham - REUTERS/ Sumaya Hisham

Albino elephant calf in the middle of the herd

Image: REUTERS/ Sumaya Hisham

This female elephant calf, who lives in Kenya, may not be white, but the change in her skin tone characterizes albinism.


Albino Dolphin - Blue Ocean Whale Watch / Kate Cummings - Blue Ocean Whale Watch / Kate Cummings

albino dolphin

Image: Blue Ocean Whale Watch / Kate Cummings

The rare albino dolphin made its presence felt at an observatory in California, in the United States.


Albino kangaroo - Reproduction - Reproduction

albino kangaroo

Image: Reproduction

The baby albino kangaroo is named Mila and lives at the zoo.


Albino Zebra - National Geographic - National Geographic

albino zebra

Image: National Geographic

The stripes on this albino zebra are unique in coloring, as is the mane.


Turtle - Instagram/@tropiquarium_de_servion - Instagram/@tropiquarium_de_servion

albino tortoise

Image: Instagram/@tropiquarium_de_servion

This baby is a giant Galapagos tortoise and can weigh more than 200 kg, with an estimated life of 150 years.


Raven - Reproduction/NHK - Reproduction/NHK

albino crow

Image: Reproduction/NHK

Black feathers are the hallmark of crows, with the exception of this one above.

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