Cancer vaccines could arrive before 2030, say scientists

Last Sunday, in an interview with the BBC, the founders of the german company BioNTech stated that cancer vaccines could reach the world population before the end of 2030. the company is developing vaccines with mRNA technologyas well as some vaccines against the coronavirus are already made.

The company was founded in 2008 and since 2018 has been developing vaccines using mRNA. In 2020, shortly after the outbreak caused by the coronavirus, BioNTech began producing vaccines against Covid-19 almost exclusively in a partnership with Pfizer.

As with the coronavirus vaccine technology, the company’s team is using mRNA to send instructions to cells in the human body. In the case of coronavirus, instructions are sent to launch a response against the virus, but to fight cancer. instructions are sent to identify the proteins in the cancer cells and destroy them.

Other information suggests that Moderna has teamed up with Merck to advance studies of its own cancer vaccine.Other information suggests that Moderna has teamed up with Merck to advance studies of its own cancer vaccine.Source: Shutterstock

cancer vaccines

mRNA technology performs a type of ‘training’ of immune system cells to identify and destroy cancer cells. For now, BioNTech’s vaccines are intended to combat cancers of the intestine, skin, lung, head and neck, prostate and ovaries.

Some of the vaccines are already in Phase 2 trials, and if regulators use the same authorization processes as vaccines against Covid-19, new cancer-fighting options are expected to reach patients before 2030.

One of BioNTech’s founders, Özlem Türeci, says he’s not sure his company has found a cure for cancer, but says the news will be important in helping to make further advances in the field.

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