Ceni avoids rush for renewals: ?Are we adjusting financially?

Reinaldo’s excellent performance in São Paulo’s victory over Juventude, with two goals from the number 6, was the starting point for a comment by Rogério Ceni about an important topic for the tricolor fans: the renewal of contracts of athletes whose situation is still unresolved in the club.

For the coach, given the financial reality of Tricolor, there is no need for this process to occur in an accelerated way.

“The club is trying to adjust financially within the conditions it has. With that, it doesn’t reach an agreement faster. We have those days to make decisions that can be important [para o planejamento de 2023]”, said Ceni, who cited Reinaldo, Miranda, Luizão and Igor Gomes: “I like them all.”

However, as a priority as these renewals, according to the coach, is the objective of São Paulo to reduce the salary sheet for the next season. “Maybe it’s not possible to renew with all the players”, he acknowledged.

Reinaldo decides, reaches historic milestone and wins praise

Directly responsible for the three points at Alfredo Jaconi, Reinaldo achieved a historic feat: he left Gustavo Nery behind and became the left-back with the most goals for the club: 32.

Fluminense’s target for 2023, the number 6 won praise from Rogério Ceni:

“A player who has a lot of technical quality, hits the ball well. Technically refined for a left-back, he finds good passes. He’s not a boy anymore but he’s at a good age.”

The coach said he had no information about any proposal from Flu – or even about the renewal with São Paulo, which, according to him, will be in charge of the board -, but considers the interest of other clubs predictable. “I’m not surprised by the quality. He has several attributes that give him credit,” said Ceni.

Although pleased to have the athlete, the Tricolor commander said he did not interfere in negotiations for the eventual renewal: “It’s a matter of the club and Reinaldo talking to see what will be done. said.

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