Clube do Remo may announce Marcelo Cabo as new coach

Planning for the 2023 season remains unclear. Still without a football executive, Leão is already running out to hire a coach and thus start assembling the cast.

According to a source consulted by the report, Leão is close to signing a contract with coach Marcelo Cabo, who was at Chapecoense. The coach already follows Clube do Remo on Instagram, and is interested in taking over the team.

“It’s not finalized, but I believe there are many chances. Details are still lacking, but he has a lot of interest”, he said.


+ Undefined executive delays Clube do Remo plans

+ Remo insisted on executive and may delay planning

+ Paysandu should announce Thiago Ennes in the next few hours

Known for his great work against Atlético-GO, Cabo spent most of the current season commanding Serie B teams, after being fired from the Goiás team earlier this year. The 55-year-old professional was at CRB, where he commanded the team for 29 matches, and at Chape, where he played just 11 games.

Marcelo Cabo, by the way, was one of the favorite names to take over the Lion last year, still during Serie B. However, the coach was on vacation with his family in Rio de Janeiro after having two jobs in the year, with Vasco da Gama and Goiás.


If carried out, the hiring of the coach means a “jump fence” in the initial planning, which was first to hire a football executive, and only then the coach and the players.

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