Fintech innovates and negotiates debt via WhatsApp; Discover the service

The digital bank Neon has been seeking to bring news to its customer base, with resources aimed at innovation in the digital banking market. With this, fintech has brought a new possibility for users to carry out debt negotiations through Whatsapp.

The institution ensures that the procedures for pay off debts by whatsapp happen in a simplified way. Neon is an institution that is authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil. With this, it sought to innovate with a new service for its customers: the possibility of negotiating debts from the messaging application in a simple and safe process.

If you are already a bank customer and have some pending issues that need to be resolved, check out a step-by-step guide to take advantage of all these facilities. The fintech account, which is already 100% digital and started in 2016, announced that from 2022 it will also enter the insurance market with a proposal to expand its services.

Banco Neon continues to seek to increase the number of customers

Until the beginning of October, when the new service was announced, the Neon Bank had more than 15 million customers. The proposal to start servicing customer debts through WhatsApp came after the digital bank understood that many users are accumulating a lot of debt, but that now, through this new channel, it can be a more viable means for negotiations.

The service can be found directly in the Neon app, as well as in the Serasa app or directly via WhatsApp. the service for renegotiate credit card debt can be done by calling (11) 4635-4366.

To carry out debt negotiation with the digital bank, the company started the service with at least two options. In one of them, the customer can get in touch by phone 0800 222 7777 or even by e-mail, just send a message to the address

How is debt negotiation done through WhatsApp?

To negotiate pending issues from WhatsApp, Neon guides customers to follow the following instructions:

  • Inform the CPF so that Neon has the customer’s identification;
  • Inform the date of birth;
  • Save contact (11) 4635-4366;
  • Wait for the system to evaluate the best solution available for negotiating debts;
  • It is necessary to update all contacts directly in the WhatsApp app and start a new conversation with the number indicated above.

In a short time, Neon must send the customer a response with all the options that are available to settle the outstanding debts. Through the WhatsApp platform, it is possible to obtain even more information about the account and request a duplicate ticket.

In addition to Whatsapp, some customers can also choose to negotiate debts through the Neon app. For these cases, just click on the “credit” tab and in a short time the bank will offer payment both in cash and in installments, although the latter may not offer discounts and be disadvantageous in certain cases.

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