Former Hollywood teen star ditches everything and becomes a manicurist

Amanda Bynes, star of She is the man, shared on his Instagram that he will soon start exercising his new profession of manicure. The 36-year-old former actress was also a singer and even released two songs in the year.

Bynes has also starred in other works such as Everything that a girl wants (2003). The rapper said that she is now starting a new professional phase in her life and has started taking courses to be a manicurist.

“At cosmetic school to become a manicurist!” wrote the celebrity in the caption of a selfie taken inside a classroom.

Amanda became known when she was younger for acting in She is the man, film released in 2006 and was a great success. She was also once engaged to Paul Michael, with whom she has broken up and gotten back together several times.

Michael and Amanda met in 2019 and the relationship was marked by controversy. The ex-couple even checked into a rehabilitation clinic together.

In February 2020, they announced the end of their engagement, returning a month later, and broke up in July of this year, three months after the song was released.

The artist’s most recent song was written together with Paul, and is entitled Diamond. In January of last year, Amanda teamed up with rapper Precise, with a 12-second cameo on one of the songs.

Amanda Bynes (Disclosure)

Remember other Hollywood actors who left the profession

Cameron Diaz, known for acting in Love Doesn’t Take Vacations and The Panthers, announced in 2015 that he would retire. The news shocked the public and at the time she explained why.

“I will dedicate myself to my family. I no longer have what it takes to make a film.”

However, this year the star announced that he has returned to work as the protagonist of back to actionNetflix’s new comedy.

After acting in Coming and Going of Love (2010) and machete, in the same year, Jessica Alba decided to take a break from her career. The goal was also to take care of the family more. She is mother Honor, Haven and Hayes, fruits of her relationship with businessman Cash Warren.

“To be honest, I was at the height of my career. But I couldn’t go back to what I was doing without being honest,” she declared.

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