iOS 16.1 Launches With Live Activities, iCloud Shared Photo Library, and (Multiple) Fixes

After five test versions (and one Release Candidate), O iOS 16.1 (compilation 20B82) was finally released today for all users!

The update was especially eagerly awaited, as it brings fixes for several bugs users have been experiencing since the release of iOS 16 in September — which were not completely addressed with iOS 16.0.1 and iOS 16.0.2.

More than that, however, the update contains a number of new features. Shall we check them out?


Among the news are:


Among the improvements are:

  • An error preventing SIM cards from being recognized;
  • A copy/paste permission tweak that avoids too many alerts;
  • An issue that caused deleted conversations to appear in the conversation list in the Messages app.
  • A bug where Live Island content was unavailable when using the Reachability feature;
  • An issue where CarPlay could fail to connect when using a VPN app.

changelog and direct download links

Below you can see everything that has changed in the system, and you can also download the system manually.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

  • Separate photo library to share photos and videos directly with up to five people
  • When you set up or join a photo library, the setup rules make it possible for you to contribute old photos based on the date they were taken or the people in the photos.
  • Your Photo Library can quickly switch between viewing your Shared Photo Library, your Personal Photo Library, or both together.
  • With sharing edits and permissions, everyone can add, edit, add captions and delete photos as well as add them to favorite photos.
  • The share toggle in Camera lets you send the photos you take straight to the Shared Photo Library or enable a setting to automatically share when other participants are detected nearby using Bluetooth.

Live Activities

  • Live Activities from third-party apps are available on Dynamic Island and Lock Screen on iPhone 14 Pro models.


  • Possibility to use Apple Fitness+ on iPhone even if you don’t have an Apple Watch.


  • With key sharing, you can use messaging apps like Messages and WhatsApp to securely share your car keys, hotel room keys, and other keys you have in your Wallet app.


  • Compatibility with Matter, the new connectivity standard for smart homes that allows multiple accessories to work together across different ecosystems.


  • Reading controls are automatically hidden when you start reading.

This update also includes bug fixes for the iPhone:

  • Deleted conversations could appear in the Messages app’s conversation list.
  • Dynamic Island content was not available while using Reachability.
  • There could be a connection failure with CarPlay while using a VPN app.

To those interested, Apple comments on this page all the security changes implemented in the new version of the system.

How to update?

You can update from the device itself or using a Mac/PC (either by downloading the system from the computer or using the link above).

Woman using an iPhone in the kitchen

In the article above we teach you exactly how to do the update — always remembering that backup is never enough! 😉

Anxious about the news? Good update everyone! 📱

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