iPhone 13 and 14 [Plus] have similar identifiers

Much has been said in recent days about the (various) similarities between the iPhones 14/14 Plus and its predecessors. Despite the new 6.7-inch version, the newly announced models are visually identical to the previous generation and have basically the same specs — just limited to a few incremental improvements and unique software features.

This whole similarity is so great that, as noted by the MyDriversApple itself chose to use the same base identifiers of iPhones 13 on their new devices. These numbers, for those who don’t know, are used by the company to distinguish the generations of its products and, in the case of iPhones, are usually influenced by the chip that equips them.

In other words, while iPhones 14 Pro/14 Pro Max are listed as iPhone15,2 and iPhone15,3respectively, iPhones 14/14 Plus appear as iPhone14,7 and iPhone14,8, in the same order. As you can see from the list above, models released in 2021 also had identifiers starting with the number 14.

As we mentioned, these numbers are influenced by the chip that equips the devices — and it is already known that the new entry models received the same chip A15 Bionic From iPhones 13 Pro/13 Pro Max, which explains this strategy. Even so, although Apple’s marketing paints the new devices as a new generation, internally things seem to be a little different.

Similarities aside, the iPhones 14/14 Plus arrive with 6GB of unified memory (2GB more than the iPhones 13/13 mini), new camera features, among other differences.

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