Jefferson anticipates Capitólio Tupiniquim, imposing tactical retreat on Bolsonaro – 10/23/2022

Roberto Jefferson’s armed resistance to the arrest warrant issued by Alexandre de Moraes anticipated the Tupiniquim version of the US Capitol invasion by a week. Bolsonaro was compelled to transform the toxic ally from a resistance hero into an enemy. It was the password for the Bolsonarista digital militia to dump photos of Jefferson alongside Lula and José Dirceu, former head of the PT Civil House, on social networks. Hours after Jefferson’s surrender, Bolsonaro repeated on Saturday on TV Record what he had noted on social media: “he IS a bandit”.

Bolsonaro tries to shield the plan he outlined for 2022. It has two phases. In one, he went into the second round by blasting the 2023 bills and pushing lies into social media. In another, he demonized the polls, gearing up to react to Lula’s eventual second-round victory with a Trump-style Apocalypse. Echoing Bolsonaro’s attacks on magistrates, Jefferson established himself as a cultist of the idea of ​​democratic rupture. Supporting the presidential thesis according to which “the armed people will never be enslaved”, the PTB owner fired prematurely, at a moment when Bolsonaro tries to turn votes so he doesn’t have to turn the tables.

Jefferson left Bolsonaro in the paradoxical position of having to pet his radicals without despising the moderate votes he needs to reach Lula. In the same post in which he repudiated the grenades and the shots that the former ally fired at federal agents, Bolsonaro attacked the “inquiries without any support in the Constitution”—a reference to the lawsuits about digital militias and fake news, reported in the Supreme Court by Alexandre de Moraes. . He criticized Jefferson for calling Carmen Lucia a prostitute. But he attacked on the Saturday of Record the censorship imposed by the TSE on Jovem Pan, with the vote of the minister.

Bolsonaro tries to distance himself from Jefferson, placing the whistleblower and beneficiary of the corruption of the monthly allowance in Lula’s lap. However, he remains chained to the alternative plan of contesting the electoral process. He declared in the evening meeting that the Armed Forces continue to look for “possible fraud” in polls that have never been rigged. He repeated the lie that PF inquiries would have concluded that it would be impossible to audit ballot boxes that everyone knows are perfectly auditable. He means: even though he is aware that he needs to pose as a moderate, Bolsonaro rhetorically handles the same weapons as Jefferson.

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