Kung Fu and cannabis pack ‘The Master of Smoke’

the long The Smoke Master (or The Smoke Master in the export version) had everything to go wrong, but it became a cult film that filled movie theaters at festivals around the world and is now one of the highlights of 45th São Paulo Film Festivalwhich will be shown this Tuesday, 25th, at 2 pm, at Cinesesc.

Recorded on a low budget during the pandemic and produced by two rookie directors, Andre Sigwalt and Augusto Soares, O Mestre da Fumaça, which will soon arrive on streaming platforms, managed to gather an eclectic cast and engaged in the project and even had a soundtrack only with unpublished songs signed by André Abujamra.

Inspired by the kung fu movies of the 60s, the film is a ‘cannabic’ version of the classic Drunken Master by Jackie Chan.

In addition to the fight, the film has the footprint of the “Stoner Movie” comedies based on American counterculture films from the 70s to 90s.

Brazilian actor Daniel Rocha (Avenue Brazil, Empire) and Chinese actor Tony Lee (The Parças, Made In China) star in the action, which narrates the journey of two brothers who find themselves cursed by the Chinese mafia with the dreaded Revenge of the 3 Generations, where the only way to survive is to learn the secrets of the Smoke Style, a breezy martial art, taught by a singular master.

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The story begins in 1949, when a famous smoke master refuses to train the Triad’s armies and the Chinese mafia unleashes the dreaded revenge of the Three Generations on him.

Upon dying, the master discovers that his son and grandson will have to fight for their lives with their own hands, in a supposedly fair fight.

Despite fighting masterfully, the firstborn does not resist, and the curse reaches the third generation when two brothers, Daniel and Gabriel, escape with their lives to be raised by Abel, a kung fu master who prepares the eldest to train with the last. Smoke Master.

But in 2001, it’s hard to find minions who respect tradition, and the Triad’s plan goes awry when fights between the mafia and Master Abel’s group of students end up leaving Daniel hospitalized a year before the final fight.

Dystopian, but not much

the hilarious series electedby Amazon, is a political satire that takes place in a dystopian Rio de Janeiro and plays with a limit situation, but, nowadays, absolutely believable.

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Imagine if an alcoholic and clueless influencer decided to be a candidate for governor half-joking, her case became a meme, a party welcomed her and she was elected?

If something similar happened in Ukraine with the comedian Zelensky and Tiririca was the champion of vote for years, this scenario seems plausible, especially in a state that had several governors arrested.

Clarice Falcão is very inspired by the skin of the party girl who accidentally wins the election and doesn’t know what to do with the position.

In her inaugural speech at the Rio Assembly, she arrives disheveled, with her dress torn, turned away from the club, with a hangover and says that Rio is a state as bankrupt and without sanitation as she is.

The series Mike: In addition to Tyson, from Star +, there’s that familiar recipe from dramatized biopics of overcoming sports characters who came from below but got there after fighting everything and everyone.

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The difference, in this case, is that the protagonist is an athlete absolutely outside the curve and the box.

Mike Tyson was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, boxers of all time, but he was a bare wire, a runaway train, a fierce and limitless fighter in and out of the ring.

The story is linear and told by the character himself on a stage as if he were standing up for his own life.

Influencer de Mentira was the bad name in Portuguese, a real spoiler, that Star + chose for the feature Not Okay.

The film has a bit of a Malhação footprint and a mostly teenegaer cast, but it is a good portrait of the social media-addicted Generation Y that seeks recognition at any cost in this vast egoic world opened by Youtube, Tik Tok, Instragam, Facebook and surroundings.

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Influencer de Mentira, from Star +, follows the recurring cycle in the universe of instant celebrities that goes from ascension to angry cancellation in this immense bubble where the void of ideas predominates. It’s as if influencers live by the motto: live to go viral. Or go viral for a living.

The film, which is not based on a true story, follows the saga of Danni Sanders, played by Zoey Deutch, and begins at the end, with the young woman panicking in front of her laptop while angry comments from lacradores about how she is the worst. person of the world.

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