Mbappé renewed with PSG for R$ 3 billion and surpasses Neymar and Messi; see value

The newspaper Le Parisien released today the values ​​of Kylian Mbappé’s contract with PSG. According to the publication, the French striker is the highest paid player in the world since he renewed with the Paris club in May of this year with a contract until June 2025. In total, the contract would exceed R$ 3 billion gross, exceeding what was is paid to Neymar and Messi.

According to the newspaper, Mbappé receives 72 million euros gross (R$ 365 million) annually from PSG, which gives a monthly salary of 6 million euros gross (R$ 30 million).

The contract also provides for the payment of two bonuses. The first is a signing bonus of 180 million euros gross (R$912 million) paid in three installments. Mbappé is guaranteed to receive the three installments of 60 million euros, whether or not he remains until the end of his contract.

The second is a loyalty bonus paid at the end of each transfer window. For the first year, the amount is 70 million euros gross (R$ 354 million). At the beginning of the second year, scheduled for September 2023, Mbappé will receive around 80 million euros (R$ 405 million) if he is still at PSG. And, if the striker exercises the option of a third year at the club, from September 2024, PSG will have to pay 90 million euros (R$ 456 million).

In total, if Kylian Mbappé fulfills his three-year contract, he will receive more than €630 million gross (R$3.1 billion), around €282 million net (R$1.4 billion).

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