Metaverse May Arrive Soon, But No Virtual Reality

Just over a year ago, Facebook faced a new goal and dove headfirst into the projects and devices to build a metaverse – including, with the change of the company name to ‘Meta’. The company wants to include more people in its universe of personalized avatars, but there is a problem: virtual reality, one of the promises Mark Zuckerbergshould not be present in most people’s daily lives for a long time.

In a conversation with journalists from Latin America, in which the Estadão was present, Vishal Shahvice president of the company’s metaverse, reaffirmed Meta’s mission to put the metaverse in the lives of more and more people. The discourse is similar to the motto common to social networks: “it is important to work on the experience of social connection with people (in the metaverse). (The success) has a lot to do with feeling,” Shah said in response to the report.

The last year of the goal was one of apparent euphoria: there was the launch of the Horizon Worlds platform, the transformation of spaces in the metaverse and meetings in virtual reality were on the company’s agenda for its users. This entire ecosystem, however, was kept away from the public. The reason: virtual reality equipment is still not very accessible.

“Of course we’ve had lessons in the last year and we’ve adapted to that. If we could get it right the first time, no planning would be necessary, but we focus on the social experience of users and we have a long way to go with the metaverse”, explains the executive.

Now, with some improvements announced, the metaverse of Facebook wants to focus on the social aspect of the platform and less on a futuristic world of leisure – who remembers Zuckerberg surfing in the first presentation of the metaverse?

A proof of this was the uses presented by the company at the event of the week. Activities more focused on games, partnerships with companies like Microsoft and less focus on how you can customize your ‘little doll’ and more on how interactions can feel more real were the theme of this year. Not only that: the company seems willing to take a step back and integrate its metaverse idea into modern-day web products.

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The arrival of the virtual universe platform for computers, and the integration of the scenario with “simpler” videoconferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, make the concept more viable for the real world.

Another integration with the “old internet” revealed by the company is the integration of the universe with Instagram. You will be able to share photos and videos from Horizon Worlds on Instagram, via Stories or Reels.

Last week, Reuters said that Horizon Worlds was little used by the company’s own employees, due to bugs and complications when using the platform. The news was released just a few days before the launch of Quest Pro, the company’s new generation of virtual reality glasses.

For Shah, the expectation is that the equipment can be pioneers and that the market can adjust to prices in the future in several markets. With no expected arrival in Brazil, the Quest pro glasses were announced in the USA by US$ 1.5 thousand.

“The process with new technologies is always like this. We need to start somewhere and we believe it could be a way to hope that these technologies can become popular and become cheaper,” Shah said.

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