new economic plan with ads is it worth it or is it a trap?

Netflix recently confirmed that it will offer a new, more cost-effective subscription plan. This is the “basic with ads” option, that is, it has a more affordable monthly fee, but will show ads to subscribers. Many analysts have already commented on the matter and show that there are negative factors to adhere to this new modality within the platform.

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Is it worth opting for the basic plan with Netflix ads?

The purpose of Netflix with the new plan that will show ads is to recover some subscribers who “fled” from the platform. The price of the product will be R$ 18.90 per month and it starts to be available from the 3rd of November. The company said the goal is to make the service accessible to all audiences.

Many people were excited by the news, at least before knowing all the details. After all, there are some negatives that are linked to Netflix’s economic service. Check out some features that should be taken into account before subscribing.

Economical, but not so much

Although the proposal is interesting, the truth is that the plan is not that cheap. It is only R$7 cheaper than the standard subscription. Even so, it is more expensive than competing plans, such as Amazon Prime, which costs only R$14.90 and does not have any of the limitations that the Netflix put.

Netflix will show ads that cannot be skipped

One of the worst things about the new plan is that you can’t skip ads. Over an hour of programming, the user will watch 5 minutes of ads, which will be between 20 and 30 seconds long (that’s a lot).

In addition, the platform will limit the low resolution, fixed at the limit of 720p. If you want to watch it on TV, you’ll have to strain to see some more detail. Subscribers will also not be able to download and will have fewer options in the catalog.

In other words, it seems to pay off very little to opt for Netflix’s new, more cost-effective plan.

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