Palmeiras beats Santiago Morning and goes to the women’s Libertadores semi

Palmeiras had a scare, but is the last classified for the semifinals of the women’s Copa Libertadores. After leaving behind, the São Paulo club beat Santiago Morning 2-1, today (23), and remains the only Brazilian representative alive in the continental competition.

Dominant for most of the game, Palmeiras accumulated chances to build a quiet victory at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium, in Quito, Ecuador, but Santiago Morning opened the scoring, with Yenny Acuña. Alviverde wanted emotion and turned with Katrine and Day Silva.

With the result, Palmeiras will face América de Cali (COL) next Wednesday (26), at 19:00 (Brasília time), for the semifinals. Cali qualified earlier today after winning on penalties over Universidad de Chile.

On the other side of the bracket, Deportivo Cali (COL) and Boca Juniors (ARG) will compete, on Tuesday (25), at 19:00 (Brasília time), for a spot in the continental decision.

Palmeiras is the only Brazilian representative alive in the women’s Libertadores. Yesterday, Corinthians was eliminated by Boca after a 2-1 defeat, and Ferroviária lost by the same score to Deportivo Cali.

accurate backs

Palmeiras and Santiago Morning had a balanced start to the game, and the first big chance was for the Chileans. In the 5th minute of the first half, Mary Valencia exploited the high mark of the palestrinas and left at speed from the midfield. Goalkeeper Jully went for the split, but the ball was left for shirt 7, which just didn’t finish with an empty goal due to Poliana’s good recovery.

Palmeiras responded in the next minute, with Duda’s pitch for Byanca Brasil. The striker, however, was stopped by the Chilean defense when she would kick against the empty goal.

lack of whim

Palmeiras took some time to get used to Santiago Morning’s congested midfield, but their main opportunities to open the scoring were in their speed plays.

At 20 minutes of the first half. Byanca Brasil started with freedom on the right, dribbled past goalkeeper Tapia and – just a few meters from the empty goal – hit the post.

Two minutes later, goalkeeper Taipa cut Bia Zaneratto’s ball outside the area. Andreseinha got the rebound and sent it almost from the middle, but the ball went to the left of the goal.

The chances left Palmeiras more and more comfortable in the match, but errors in both passing and finishing kept the score at zero in Ecuador.

Byanca - Publicity/Conmebol - Publicity/Conmebol

Byanca Brasil, from Palmeiras, faces goalkeeper Taipa, from Santiago Morning in a game for the women’s Libertadores

Image: Publicity/Conmebol

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Palmeiras maintained the same intensity in the second half, but again failed to push the ball to the back of the net. Occupying the opponent’s field and with freedom to exchange passes, the São Paulo club did not take long to create some scoring chances, intercepted by the defensive system or stopped by their own alviverde mistakes.

On the other hand, Santiago Morning seemed satisfied with the tie – which would take the dispute to penalties – and were looking for long balls to exploit the high line of Palestra Italia’s team. Goalkeeper Jully, however, was little demanded.

dead ball solves

Palmeiras insisted, but Santiago Morning opened the scoring. In the 26th minute of the second half, goalkeeper Jully spread a free kick from the left in favor of the Chileans, Yenny Acun?a got the rebound and sent it to the back of the net.

Palm trees run after, and turn

Santiago Morning’s goal ignited Palmeiras, who hammered until they got the equalizer in Quito, Ecuador. After a corner kick in the 37th minute, the ball came alive in the area and Katrine dropped a bomb through the center to keep the São Paulo club alive in the continental competition.

In stoppage time, in a free-kick from Julia Bianch on the left, Day Silva, who had just entered, headed in to put Palmeiras in the semifinals.


Palm trees 2 x 1 Santiago Morning

Competition: Copa Libertadores – Quarter Finals
Place: Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadium in Quito, Ecuador
Day and hour: October 23, at 7:15 pm (Brasília time)
Referee: Helena Cantero (PAR)
Assistants: Nancy Fernández (PAR) and Rossana Salina (PAR)
goals: Yenny Acuña (Santiago Morning), in the 26th minute of the second half; Katrine (Palmeiras), in the 37th minute of the second half; Day Silva (Palmeiras), 50 minutes into the second half
Yellow cards: Daniela Pardo (Santiago Morning); enny Acuña (Santiago Morning),
red cards: Alberto Simão (director of women’s football at Palmeiras); Daniela Pardo (Santiago Morning), for yellow second

PALM TREES: July; Bruna Calderan, Poliana, Julia, Katrine; Duda, Ary Borges, Camilinha (Carol Baiana); Bia Zaneratto, Byanca Brasil (Sochor), Andresinha (Day Silva). Technician: Ricardo Belli

SANTIAGO MORNING: tapia; Pardo, Galaz, Vallejos, Soruco; María Julio, Nicole Fajre (De la Torre), Navarrete; Valencia, Acuña, Balmaceda. Technician: Mikeko Valenzuela

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