PC Oliveira disagrees with Luís Castro and defends a penalty against Botafogo: ‘Patrick de Paula’s action is reckless’

Paulo Cesar Oliveiracommentator for “Central do Apito”, came to the defense of referee Ramon Abel Abatti, who gave a controversial penalty to the referee. Fluminense in a 2-2 draw with Botafogothis Sunday, at Maracanã, for the Brazilian championship. He disagreed with the technician’s complaints Luís Castro.

– I was following Luís Castro’s interview, I would like to emphasize that he is an excellent coach and has given good interviews, with great consistency. But I want to apologize and disagree. I will tell you why. I call attention to Matheus Martins’ move, over Daniel Borges, it was a reckless action by Patrick de Paula, a silly penalty, he had marking and coverage. At no time does Patrick touch the ball. In Luís Castro’s view, the attacker was already falling, but he was speeding, he was already breaking free and the action is reckless. Did you intend to take the penalty? I think not. No player would. But the rule says that a player is reckless when he lacks caution or when he lacks attention. He takes the right leg and with the left leg he touches. Matheus Martins is really well flexed, but Patrick seeks contact. The striker has possession, he is in speed, he came out of two players, if Patrick de Paula was stopped would be another interpretation, but he is the one who moves and puts his foot – opined PC Oliveira.

The controversial penalty represented the first goal of Fluminense, which still sought a tie in the end.

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