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If anyone deserves a happy ending in The Umbrella Academy season 4, it’s Luther and Sloane. After years of unrequited lust for Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Luther (Tom Hopper) finally lands a love interest who is only interested in him. When the show’s third season introduces the gravity-manipulating Sparrow, Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez), it immediately grabs the attention (and heart) of The Umbrella Academyit’s number one.

Already counting the hours until the apocalypse, the Hargreeves brothers of Umbrella Academy decide to put off saving the world in order to hold an impromptu intimate wedding ceremony with the Kugleblitz as a backdrop. In a final scheme to reconcile the umbrellas and the sparrows, Luther and Sloane decide to get married after their hasty engagement. While the newlyweds were already expecting a short-lived marriage, Luther’s death was not part of the plan. Despite most of the Hargreeves having already decided to let doomsday happen, Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) isn’t having it, going so far as to kill Luther and Klaus (Robert Sheehan) in the process of dragging them all to the Hotel Oblivion, where there is a reset button. Naturally, Sloane is devastated to leave Luther’s body at the Obsidian Hotel to decay. However, it all works out in the end with the combined efforts of the Hargreeves from different timelines due to Sir Reginald being able to reset the universe to his own design.

the Umbrella Academy The Season 3 finale sees the Umbrellas spreading across a renewed universe – all alive and unharmed – but without their powers. Also, Sloane (the last Sparrow alive besides Sparrow Ben played by Justin H. Min) is conspicuously absent from the group that entered the Hotel Oblivion. While it’s obvious that Luther and Sloane shouldn’t have lived beyond the Kugleblitz apocalypse (neither did), this new universe holds the potential to give them the happy ending they deserve, and the showrunners need to deliver on that. However, with Sloane nowhere to be found, this could pose a challenge.

Will Luther & Sloane have a happy ending in The Umbrella Academy season four?

Genesis Rodriguez and Jetset Life Easter Egg at Umbrella Academy

While Luther and Sloane don’t get the long-term treatment to fully delve into the dynamics of their relationship, it’s not without its justifications. The Umbrella AcademyLuther and Sloane are both victims of their adoptive father’s emotional unavailability, so much so that the entire plot of Luther’s first season revolves around his desire to make him proud and be successful enough to ensure his brothers’ return after its aftermath ( due to the death of Ben and Five Luther’s naivete for seeking Sir Reginald’s approval is often a point of criticism from his brothers, especially Umbrella Academy number two Diego (David Castañeda). which recalls the Sparrows’ desire to be valued to be heard, but often mocked for having a difference of opinion. Additionally, Luther and Sloane share similar qualities, such as their non-judgmental approach towards people of different loyalties, general love for adventure and desire for companionship. It’s no wonder these two were attracted to each other and, frankly, made for each other in that regard.

The Umbrella Academy Season four has been billed as the last, which gives showrunners just a few episodes to reunite Luther and Sloane. While The Umbrella Academy has no shortage of romantic subplots, this particular pair doesn’t have its weird (and toxic) combinations like Diego and Lila (Ritu Arya) or Cinco and Dolores the Dummy. Given that Luther and Sloane are much nicer people than their brothers, it’s only fair that they get the chance to live in the new universe as husband and wife.

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