PVC sees Patrick de Paula penalty, but says Botafogo coach is right in complaint

The penalty taken by Patrick de Paula in Matheus Martins was the subject of debate on this Monday’s “Seleção SporTV” program, the day after the 2-2 tie between Fluminense and Botafogo. Everyone at the table agreed with the marking, but commentator Paulo Vinícius Coelho made an important point.

After the airing of the interview of Luís Castro in which the alvinegro coach disagrees with the penalty, PVC reminded of different points of view and that this needs to be discussed.

– I think it was a penalty. What was great about the interview is that he comes from Portugal with a different view of the game than what we see here. We are all trained to see a penalty in this move and he, because he comes from somewhere else, is trained to see that the player (Matheus Martins) is on the downswing. I really respect Luís Castro’s point of view, I thought it was delightful that he showed me another point of view. Patrick comes like a truck on the slope, there’s no way around it. But what Luís Castro says is right, he is on the way down – opined PVC.

program presenter, André Rizek says that the move was clear that Patrick de Paula committed a “silly” penalty.

– I didn’t see anyone on the debate programs yesterday saying it wasn’t a penalty. The more open image leaves no doubt that Patrick de Paula takes the penalty, and a very silly one – said Rizek.

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