Rent Wife – Film Scenes – Review

(Rental Wife, BRA, 2022)

  • Genre: comedy, romance
  • Direction: Cris D’Amato
  • Road map: Luanna Guimarães
  • Cast: Caio Castro, Thati Lopes, Patrycia Travassos, Polliana Aleixo, Mariana Xavier, Fafá Rennó, Bruna Louise, Arthur Kohl, Flávio Pardal, Danielle Winits
  • Duration: 100 minutes

Netflix national romantic comedies are not necessarily synonymous with quality, we already know that. Products like Carnival and Rich in Love they were valid attempts to score successes, and from a commercial point of view they were even achieved; the second has already won a sequel, which will debut soon. Even so, they were products without many attractive points, developed for an undemanding public. The current success there from Netflix, this rental wife, does the right thing for a product designed for large-scale consumption: it doesn’t try to be bigger than it is. Efficient and modest, the feature directed by Cris D’Amato achieves its goals in an honest way.

It is worth remembering that D’Amato has been oxygenating himself on Netflix. last year launched Father in Double, which had already shown potential that the public had only seen in flashes in the past. This time, she shows that the timing she so often lacked in films like Beautiful to death is now present, never seen before. With the script by Luanna Guimarães debuting as a solo artist, rental wife It’s not being successful for nothing. Its simple premise and its touch without many regiments, the production did not achieve this hit for nothing. Like many productions today, the film seems like a little robot willing to leave no snags along the way, even if it is far from perfection.

The film would fit in any morning session on open TV, it pleases all audiences. We’ve seen Sandra Bullock play this character before, and that doesn’t pose a problem, precisely because rental wife does not pretend to be an original production. The clichés take over, we managed to hit several twists in the narrative, but this is exactly the function of the film, now, to show that their inertia does not become a mistake in rhythm. Everyone in the cast is very comfortable on stage, because they need to keep telling this sweet, cheeky story.

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rental wife
Alisson Louback/Netflix

From the point of view of authorship, rental wife It’s a film that doesn’t even try to be very evident. But in the end result, the production is above average, taking into account D’Amato’s track record. It is worth the record of traditional romantic comedy that the film employs in the relationships between these characters, which overcomes some faults in the script. In fact, I’m not sure if they’re failures themselves or levity. It can be explained: the husbands of the sisters of the protagonist played by Caio Castro don’t even appear on the scene, and in the only moment that happened, they didn’t even have a text – and that’s just an example. It’s all very lacking in refinement, but at the same time the film doesn’t lack charm, which is built around what the production itself is capable of offering.

The couple played by Castro and Thati Lopes (from Exchange Diaries) are becoming interested in each other in a very soft touch of the film. The film translates this by raising the temperature very slowly, which is crucial for us to understand what happens in the scene, as a response of the characters to their feelings. The lack of chemistry between the two could even be imagined as a defect, but this is also a welcome process of future discovery – building the chemistry literally in front of the viewer. So even though comedy doesn’t always work, and no other trigger exists to tell this very centered story, rental wife does not cease to function in the strength of the collective charisma.

And once again, the presence of Thati Lopes in any cast, in any film, deserves an extra comment. Here, the challenge for an actress is to leave the excessive histrionic character to give way to an ordinary human being, endowed with conflicting idiosyncrasies. It’s not a case of being a very well-crafted character; no, it isn’t, but it’s also not a disaster that can’t be saved. And Castro once again surprises, even seeming that his comments about paying the restaurant bills was a promotional for here. rental wife convinces us of its efficiency in entertaining, in addition to the very direct way in which the film speaks and the way we identify with some phrases, here and there, that make such a production worthwhile.

A big moment

Luiz’s tantrum with his mother

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