Review | The Handmaid’s Tale – 5X06: Together

Gilead is really heading for a change. considering the end of show next season, I began to speculate—and I’m sure many of you do too—about how the plan to overthrow this fundamentalist, theocratic nation would play out. But I didn’t imagine that, on the brink of a crisis, Gilead would undergo an internal makeover. Lawrence’s plan for a certain revamp in national rituals and policies (especially in relation to handmaids and rape) struck me as just one of those suggestions that pass by and don’t mean much, just to add a little more fuel to the fire. . But after what happened here, with the flash judgment and the death (very welcome, by the way) of Commander Putnam, maybe Lawrence will have more prestige, can pass the plan and Gilead will undergo a renovation that will put it on another level in in relation to international perspectives.

I’ve been talking about it constantly, because the show has made little headway at foreign policy so far, as it had no major aspirations to expand the Universe or change anything, relying on outside help. Now, however, the producers are showing the many possibilities for the Gilead government to spread this ideology, to export fundamentalism to other nations. In Canada, it started with that damn cultural center, which will probably even turn into a fertility center, attracting more and more people. The demonstration of a supposed “humanity” in Gilead is a motivation that the struggle for the overthrow of the system (we still don’t really know how this will be organized) will have to take on in parallel. Just know when scripts will start putting these blocks into action.

In together, we find out exactly who captured Luke and June in “No Man’s Land” at the end of last episode, and that leads to unexpected plot consequences. First, we see how Serena is increasingly subjected to prisoner treatment at the Wheelers’ home. Afterwards, we notice how she tries to use every possible convincing tool to go to June, imagining that this would be her last chance to escape her. It is very curious to see how Serena is all the time placed in games of oppression, and how she, in almost all these moments, ends up doing things that, in some way, reinforces this oppressive condition. Now, kidnapping June, it seems to me that the writers are going to work a slightly different aspect, showing her in a fragile situation (and I say “fragile situation” because it seems to me that the baby is about to be born, which puts the mother with recurrent pain and with very limited movement, in addition to the risk of losing the child). The question is: where do they go?

Staying in “No Man’s Land” seems to be a show’s strategy to move the tension forward, while trying to get some things done in Gilead, which are relatively slow in the close-up; but they seem to make strides in isolated micro dramas, such as the already analyzed event with the Commander murdered by Nick. The scene, by the way, has one of those dirty jokes by the directors of the series, and Eva Vives did not miss the opportunity to leave the man lying, bloodied, on a floor with a design of wings. Like a fallen angel. Considering we’re already in the second half of the season (only 4 weeks to go) it looks like the producers are going to save the most widely impactful stories for last. Anyway, with what we had at the end of this episode, you can play a little bit of dying of anxiety. June and Serena on the run from theocratic fascists. Who knew, huh?

The Handmaid’s Tale – 5X06: Together (USA, October 12, 2022)
Direction: Eva Vives
Road map: Katherine Collins
Cast: Elisabeth Moss, Yvonne Strahovski, Ann Dowd, Madeline Brewer, OT Fagbenle, Max Minghella, Bradley Whitford, Mckenna Grace, Ever Carradine, Stephen Kunken, Genevieve Angelson, Lucas Neff, Jeremy Shamos, Carey Cox, Rossif Sutherland, Jonathan Watton, Sean Sullivan , Shawn Devlin, Daryl Patchett, Adam Maros
Duration: 52 minutes

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