Roberto Jefferson effect? What’s behind the Ibov crash today

  • This Monday (24), the Ibovespa opened trading with an intense fall. As of 1:12 pm, the index was down 2.52% to 116,908.91 points
  • Among the main reasons for the collapse is the episode starring former federal deputy Roberto Jefferson on Sunday (23)

This Monday (24th), the Ibovespa opened the negotiations in intense fall. By 1:12 pm, the index had sunk 2.52%, to 116,908.91 points. Among the main reasons for the collapse is the episode carried out by former federal deputy and former PTB president Roberto Jefferson on Sunday (23).

An ally of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), candidate for reelection, Jefferson attacked with a rifle and federal police grenades who were going to serve an arrest warrant against him. The former parliamentarian has been under house arrest since January of this year for threatening ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and allegedly having involvement with “digital militias” – criminal organizations that aim to attack democracy.

“As the market links him to Bolsonaro, this impacts the probability of the current president winning the elections because there is a risk of him losing votes,” says Leonardo Piovesan, CNPI and fundamentalist analyst at Quantzed. The market was encouraged by the possibility of Bolsonaro winning the elections with the recent polls of voting intentions, as the current president is seen as a candidate more aligned with privatization and the market, while Lula prefers not to sell state companies and look to the social side.

Another point that would be affecting the market is the re-election of Xi Jinping in China. According to Piovesan, the market was expecting more information about a possible loosening of the zero covid policy in the country during the Congress of the Communist Party of China, which took place last week.

However, these indications were not made, causing the Hong Kong index to fall sharply, which impacted the Brazilian index. “These two factors made the dollar open higher today, causing an effect on the yield curve, also rising”, says Piovesan.

According to Flávio Conde, stock analyst at Levante Ideias de Investimento, in addition to the “Jefferson effect”, which may marginally affect the votes of undecided voters, other factors may be weighing on the Ibov in the session, including the drop in oil, ore and profit taking on B3, as the Ibovespa index rose 7% in the last week.

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