Scammers promise Instagram verification badges; understand

Scammers contact Instagram users with the promise of guaranteeing them the famous blue seal profile check.

If someone searches for “Instagram verification badge” on Google, one of the suggestions that the search engine offers is the question about the amount paid to obtain the badge. The amount demanded by scammers ranges from BRL 5,000 to up to BRL 35,000! In addition to stealing money, scammers also steal their victims’ personal information.

As their target audience really consists of people who have a large following and use social media as a source of work income, they manage to deceive them as the blue seal has become a symbol of status among Instagram influencers.

Verified accounts must represent an individual, company or organization that is heavily researched. The purpose of Instagram with this is for users to be sure that they are not on fake accounts, so the seal ends up bringing credibility and trustworthiness to the profile.

Officially, Instagram also explains that in order to be verified, the account must only represent a real person or company, and both must only have a single account that represents them. In addition, the profile must be public, have a biography, a profile picture and at least one post.

Finally, Instagram says it verifies accounts that appear in various news sources and that paid or promotional content is valid as such. The badge cannot be transferred to other profiles and the verified account cannot change its name.

With so many “demands”, some people end up finding this whole process too bureaucratic, and it was from this that the scams have been more sought after, as they offer an easier way.

Instagram will never contact the user to offer the badge, this must be officially requested in the application; however, some people have received emails saying that your accounts meet the verification requirements and ask for your Login and their password. Usually, forms for the purpose of stealing information from victims are also sent.

emails with address “[email protected]” and “” were discovered; they send a seal pre-approval message. However, Instagram officially doesn’t do that, as it doesn’t contact its users. in the body of emailthey insert a link saying that, by clicking on it, the user will finally have his dreamed seal.

Last but not least: Instagram verification is not paid! Generally, scammers ask for a sum and do not offer any further information. However, some legitimate companies can help their customers get verified, but they do charge a fee for doing so. However, this fee is not for the badge, but for the help they provide for Instagram to verify the profile.

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