See 5 appliances that “pull” electricity the most

You 5 appliances that draw the most electricity are known to have very low efficiency. Therefore, they demand more electricity to function properly, generating expenses that are mainly seen in the electricity bill at the end of the month.

However, not all people know these features of the appliances they have at home. Overall, more than just the type of applianceas the technical characteristics directly affect energy efficiency.

Therefore, at the time of purchase it is essential to ask about the consumption that the device generates. Learn more about the main appliances that draw the most electrical energy below:

5 appliances that “pull” electricity the most

1) Air conditioning

It is estimated that air conditioning consumption varies between 129 and 629 kWh, but it depends on the specific model. Therefore, you should pay attention to the time that the device is activated.

2) Electric shower

Widely used in the period of extreme heat or intense cold, the electric shower can consume 88 kWh monthly. In this case, it is estimated that using it for 30 minutes a day consumes more than 5500 W.

3) Electric stove

Although very modern, this type of device is not very efficient. In this case, you have a monthly consumption of 68kWh in cases where it is used for one hour a day throughout the month.

4) Refrigerator

Although they do not have a very low efficiency, they are devices that tend to be on 24 hours a day. Therefore, they can have a consumption that varies between 40 and 60 kWh throughout the month. In the case of refrigerators with a built-in freezer, this consumption can increase to 70 kWh according to the size and storage limit.

5) Dishwasher

Not so common in all homes, this device may seem very practical, but it is one of the appliances that draw the most electrical energy. In particular, you can spend more than 30 kWh throughout the month with only 40 minutes of consumption.

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